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Yoga In The News
May 25th, 2017

Yoga is often in the news because of its famous followers and classes that have shown results in young and old alike. So whether you are a pregnant woman, someone in his 60's or a seven year old, yoga will have something suitable for you.

Because yoga is so easily adapted to different body shapes and sizes, its stretching and breathing asanas or poses are not just for the hip twenty something's who want to maintain their figure. Yoga was also in the news because some countries like Malaysia were shunning it because they felt it was very inclined toward Hinduism, which did not meld well with their predominantly Muslim culture. However, avid aficionados believe that if you practice the poses for the sake of mind and body fitness and not relate it to the spiritual side necessarily, there need not be a conflict with people following any faith.

Yoga was also in the news when a school district introduced yoga for kids classes as part of the physical education curriculum. No longer was it just an extracurricular after school indulgence optional for the parents. It became mandatory and it was very welcome by the students, teacher and parents. With juvenile diabetes and other such concerns on the rise in the United States, it comes as no surprise that exercise can benefit many children. Once they get the hang of the cat or tree or cow pose, they can try it on their own too.

Try A Yoga Party

Yoga was once again in the news when parents started choosing yoga parties for their children birthdays instead of the usual video game arcade or clown and magician combo. At first, people thought kids would not want to exercise at a birthday party, but they were amazed to see how fun a yoga party can be. It can take place at a studio or you could invite an instructor home. Better still, practice some of the kid-appropriate poses on a yoga DVD and be their teacher yourself. Give them a small yoga mat as their party favor instead of the dollar store toys and candy and see how the kids and their families will enjoy it.

Ina addition to your party being unique, you will feel satisfied in knowing that you imparted a healthy idea to many families and that this thing might actually catch on. Most importantly, you taught your children that being fit can also be fun and funny too while they are learning the poses and tumbling down and falling all over the place.