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Website Building Basics
March 28th, 2017

Taste the Ingredients of a Website?

In theory this can be virtually any form of material that you have prepared froma photo to a word-document to a full website. In practice on a website most pages are written inHTML. One reason that HTML is used,is because it is simple and looks pretty and 'right' on all modern browsers. So,yes you may ask your friend to look at a photo, but on the other hand it wouldbe preferable to let him look at an HTML file which includes that photo.

'But what is HTML?'- I hear you ask. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the language that is used on the majority of websites today in order to bring together text, pictures, sound and movement so that they are arranged in the optimal way. It is not the purpose of this article to go into too much depth of how to write HTML as there are other excellent sites that explain and teach this. In order to find some, do a search by clicking here

(An alternative is, to use an html editor which will create the html code for you. The way it works is a bit like a word-processor. An example of this is called WebWizard and can be found here )

(You may also want to have a look at 2 Create a Website - Website creation tutorial for beginners.)

However, if you do want to use this article to actually producesomething, then the following lines will produce the text 'Hello World' if usedcorrectly:

Hello World

How the above looks, can be seen here

You can try making a 'Hello World' page by 'copy and pasting' the above linesinto a text editor. Mostcomputers have a text editor called  Notepad which can be found by clicking onStart and then Accessories. Save it as 'helloworld.html' including the ''saround the words. Then go to your browser and type in the exact address of whereyou saved it. So on my computer, it was c:/helloworld.html .  Although yourfictional friend in Australia may not be so impressed with this, just remember, every journey starts with a smallstep