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The Cobra Clutch is one of the many holds in wrestling today. The cobra is commonly known as the cross chokes or arm locks. The opponent will come from behind the wrestler and use a single arm, placing it in the ┬Ż-nelson hold. The opponent will then use his/her arm to tug the wrestlers arm, pulling across the neckline, and choking as a result. The back clutch, or bombard is similar since the wrestler is on his back with the opponent extending his arms upward from behind. This is more of a finishing hold than anything else is, and some of the moves are utilized by Steve Austin, as well as other known wrestlers.

The Cross Face hold is another of the wrestling holds used in the rings today. The Cross Face holds entails the wrestlers locking the arm of the other wrestler, sandwiching it between the wrestlers leg, while locking the hand (s) about the opponents chin area, and pulling backwards, while elongating the shoulders and neck of the wrestler. This move often entails that the suffering party is laying face forward on the mats. It is a painful cross that could cause straining of the muscles, which if used roughly will torture the muscles, tendons, nerves, etc.

Currently, the art and science of professional wrestling is hard to discuss. The classic holds, headlocks, technical moves, adventurous reversals, and switches are no more presented in the matches and this all resulting in the changes of the public demands. Public these days is much more attracted by the staged shows, as it appears the observers lack the proper time and context required for technical displaying.

Fans are now shouting, fling the stepladders and benches in the arena and organizers have to afford the view, that the public wants. Watchers demand a speedy wrestling topped up with violence and fictional output, while sex is in between. Wrestling substance is being taken over by the Character, Appearance, and Presentation skills. Technical moves have been excessively dramatized as like Soap opera scenes.

Loudness is a new concept. Wrestlers hardly have much beyond punches, kicks, shouts, and backdrops. However, technical wrestling does show up sometimes between these stunts but that is rare to find. In addition, in case the wrestlers adopt technical style, the majority of crowd refuses them. Match appeal has more to do with attitude and intensity, which includes some of the rough clutches in the rings today.

The invert face lock camel clutches is another of the wrestling tactics utilized in the rings today. In this move the wrestlers position them self behind the challenger and turns him/her upside down, forcing the adversary to the mat in between, while resting the players back, and wrenching back, stretching the upper body parts, including the d├ęcolletage.

Does this entertain the audience? Sure it does. The fans tend to enjoy this type of violence in the rings. The Dragon Bites is another hold that is often used and the wrestler will stance directly behind his adversary, using the ropes and grabbing the wrestling locking him in and turns him/her upside down. Thus, the wrestler uses his legs to wrap about the challengers body, while pulling out the scissors on the player. The act is a disqualifier, especially since the ropes are involved. If the coach counts to x amount of numbers before the player releases the ropes, thus he/she is debarred.

As you can see, wrestlers can still become disqualified today in the rings, yet the players have more Leigh way now more so than before

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