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How does wrestling work? What do wrestlers do to maintain a level of fitness to participate in the brawls? What happens if the wrestlers are breaking the rules?
Back in the day when wrestling was a sport few people joined the arenas to watch the challengers battle. Today, however since wrestling has become a soap opera, run the mouth scheme, etc, millions of people are getting in on the action.

Wrestling goes back a long way, yet each year it changes dramatically. During the first years according to few, Greeks started out the matches, and these divisors of sport started their brawls at the prehistoric Olympics, during the years before Christ came in the picture. (708)

Some say that wrestling did not start until the early 70s, however our historical records say otherwise. Wrestling after the Greek years became a well-liked sport, until recently and now it is becoming an addiction. During the first years of wrestling, it was known, as a sport where the bodily parts were employed as a type of weaponry, yet the sole purpose was to exploit the body parts amply without any harm coming to the other person. Thus, the goal is pinning down the other player, pinning him/her to the mats. Thus, later wrestling became more, especially when some wrestlers would join the rings, causing harm to the challengers.

The soul purpose then of the brawl was to utilize the strengths, energies, and body parts to dictate the antagonists in an endeavor to trounce him/her by pinning down the shoulders to the mat. Reviewing some of the moves will help you to understand that wrestling is not a game of I kill you or cause you enough pain that you won't fight me again, rather it is a sport where the goal is to reach fame.

During the matches, the wrestlers are already trained accordingly to fight as instructed. The wrestlers start with skills that master the opponents without causing him/her any type of pain and suffering. The moves then come from the wrestlers them self, since many will act them out in the rings. However, I stand to find out if any information is available, since I find it hard to believe that a wrestler will come up with a trademark out of the blue, and not have training prior to its use. If the wrestler fails, thus great harm could result.

Wrestlers train then before they join the match. Wrestlers are required to be in top condition without taking steroids or other harmful chemicals/substances to acquire the level of shape. The wrestlers allegedly train to stay vigorous, and consume apposite diets, whilst exploiting the best supplements that enforce sustenance.

How does it work? The wrestlers are channeled, i.e. they select the choices of supplements provided by the upper trainers, which assists the challengers in the physical condition arena. Wrestling during the Olympics mandated that the pugilists remain in great condition bodily and mentally, while adhering to ongoing exercise. The exercises would embrace mass workouts to build potency and staying power, which in turn enhanced the muscles, building the legs and arms in the course of action. The battlers that held competitive levels on a high-grade scale and remained in great working condition had the eventual likelihood of winning the fracas.

To answer the questions we can see that the wrestlers must adhere to rules outside of the ring, yet in the rings, they are often breaking all the rules. Still, wrestlers must adhere to the rules that state if they use drugs/alcohol, or abuse their body in any way, thus they are applicable for disqualification