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Andre the Giant was one of the most familiar and loved faces in the world of wrestling. Back in the day when wrestling was a sport, the Giant along with many other well-liked sporting men brawled and produced an entertaining event each time.

Wrestling, nowadays it a sluttish, soap operas, and BS most the times: Anytime men start wrestling to win a woman taking her home, and the woman allows it, we can see nothing but a sluttish and pimping depiction in the rings. Thus, wrestling today is a pornographic, violent, obscene display, yet back in the day, it used to be a sport. Just think, these kids are watching these matches, yet everyone is complaining about violence and porn on television. Go figure!

People all over the world would join at the matches, each time the wrestlers step in the rings. At one time wrestling was a sport. Wrestling dates back through the centuries, yet each year dramatic changes occur. The Greeks began the sporting event known as wrestling according to reports. The Greek masters started the brawls Before Christ Era in 708. This brought in the ancient sport, and at the time, the body was considered a sort of rod. The purpose however is to battle the opponent without causing harm to the opponent by pinning him/her to the mats.

It wasn't until later that women wrestlers' came to the rings, and by this time, they were already breaking legs, and causing harm to the opponents, missing the intended purpose. The soul purpose then is to utilize the strengths of the body, while dominating the opponent, and using effort to master him/her, by pinning the opponent, pinning him/her to the mat. The referee will count up to three and if the opponent is unable to escape the hold, the pinned loses the match.

Wrestling then is not a wage war to cause pain, where fatality and life is the outcome, i.e. the line of attacks is to pin down the challenger to the mats all in the name of fame. Accordingly, the wrestlers must be trained for that reason, as well as having satisfactory proficiency to master his opponent without causing harm. Thus, weakness in the ring would only leads to defeat.

For that reason, wrestlers train before they adhere to the matches, in view of the fact that the wrestlers must be in top condition. The wrestlers are supposedly trained to eat proper diets, while utilizing the best supplement that enforces nutrition.

The wrestlers are time and again given guides that help them select the choice of supplements to help them stay fit. Thus, wrestling at the Olympics entail that the wrestler remains in superlative contour, while working out methodically, and building vigor and staying power, which enhances the muscles, building the legs and arms? Thus, wrestlers at high competitive stages and in good condition have the ultimate chance of winning the brawls.

Some of the wrestlers today have illustrated signs of setbacks, especially since these wrestlers engaged in drugs and alcohol. At one time this was not tolerated, thus the wrestlers would have been disqualified. Few of the wrestlers today were accused of taking steroids, which is also not tolerated in wrestling.

Wrestling nowadays is a Soap Opera and a demeaning program. Most times the wrestlers today are in the rings battling over women, i.e. who is getting who type of thing. As well, the wrestlers today slang words across the rings, and fight dirtier than ever before. Some of the women aren't much better since they appear out to show more skin than sport. Thus, nearly anything goes in the ring today.

At one time, I would enjoy a match or two, but today, wrestling is a waste of my time. In fact, I always try to keep my children interested in anything but wrestling. Today, we see retaliation, violence, sex, and verbal childish throwbacks. Wrestling and its companions then, is changing requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 8:30:22 AM