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Wrestling being a popular sport is practiced at all levels. As from Olympics to junior school level, everywhere one can find wrestling contests with ever-excited fans as well as religiously devoted participants. Nowadays, women are jumping in the rings brawling alongside the men.

At different levels, wrestling has various rules as in accordance with the participant's capability as well as capacity. School level wrestling is different from the college level wrestling in many aspects and in same mode the later varied from the state level or other tournaments.

At school level matches, the length of 3 periods in a match is usually of 2 minutes each. While in some cases i.e. at junior varsity this duration can even be only of 1 minute or 30 seconds. Riding Time concept is also not present at the school level.

The weight classes for school level are 14 in number. Weight class for the wrestler is determined based on his weight, which should either, be less, or equal to the specific weight in order to belong to that class. However, many times a few pound allowances are allowed which let certain elasticity in the weight class. The weight classes start from the 103 pounds and ends on 215 pounds. One more class is the Heavyweight class that has 275 pounds weight limit.

These tournaments are generally sponsored by the school administration. Sometimes little fees being charged as to cover the operating costs of these tournaments: Weigh Ins are there, to determine the weigh class of each wrestler and participant focus especially on this area as to play under which weight category.

Each area or state have some recognized tournaments or featured competitions in order to promote new talent. Usually these are having participation through invitation only. The best talent from different schools is invited to compete against each other and these tournaments can last from three to 4 days or more. The winners of these tournaments then can get chances at high levels to prove their talent.

Dual matches i.e. the matches between two high schools are also carried out so as to widen the experience of players. Under this type, the matches are carried out in order of increasing weight class i.e. the top rated players in 103 pounds category will compete first and then followed by the next weight category. These tournaments are scored on the basis of all 14 matches, one match for one category and then are scored on specific criteria, which, results in the winning of one school.

School level tournaments are of most importance as where on one side they helps to find new talent, on the other side they help in the channeling of young energy towards the productive aim. In addition, the youngsters can have a professional training as helping them to utilize their full energy and to have a good career.

However, besides school level one should work through other means as to sharpen his skills. At times, the player cannot get the sufficient chance to prove his talent in school tournaments then one should participate in other competitions as to better his skills.

Wrestling is a sport that demands dedication as well as time. Therefore, training from early age is a necessity. Also in this sport one reaches age of retirement very fast as it includes heavy physical and mental pressure encounters. In time, training not only can result in bright career but can also be a medium of inspiration for the others.

In fact, many school year wrestlers often join in the WWE, WWF, AWA, NWA; etc matches, i.e. the World Wrestling Entertainment, World Wrestling Federations, etc requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 3:15:12 PM