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Youtube Mixed Wrestling Classic

youtube mixed wrestling classic

In 1945, an upcoming wrestler named Virgil Runnels Jr., otherwise known, as Dusty Rhodes would step into the rings. Rhodes after joining the rings stood 6'1 and weighed around 302 pounds. Many fans loved Rhodes, while others detested this huge man. Rhodes made the second running up during the early 70s and 80s, coming up with the Giant.

Dusty Rhodes (American Dream) became famous during his matches by spilling out his charisma and amusing tricks in the rings. During the 70s and 80s, Dusty Rhodes was one of the well-liked wrestlers. Dusty brawled in at the NWA, WCW, WWF, and AWA. During one time in Dusty's career, he teamed with the Texas Outlaw's, including teaming with his buddy Murdoch, rather Dirty Dick. This took place during the 60s at what time Dusty became famous for his rule breaking tactics. Dusty and the Outlaw Dirty Dick soon landed a bad name, since these men began playing dirty in the rings, which included some bad-mannered behaviors targeting the enthusiasts. Yet, Dusty is not the only wrestler in the arena of wrestling that took the belts by issuing dirty tricks.

Shawn Michaels and more specifically Rick Flair often pulled out some dirty tricks in the rings. Michaels was less dramatic, i.e. he would only issue tricks on few occasions. Michaels had more tricks pulled on him by various wrestlers. Flair on the other hand would use women, chairs, or whatever he put his mind/or hands to win a match.

Flair in fact showed his insecurities throughout his bouts, especially in one specific event. Flair need Sting in the match. Flair feeling insecure begged Sting to join him and while this failed, Flair continued by using children to lure in Sting. Sting agreed, especially since the crowd was insistent. I said it before and I will say it again, Rick Flair in my opinion is one of the worst wrestlers in the world of wrestling.

Shawn Michaels had a tough start, but after getting use to the scheme, he began to make some headway. Shawn Michaels, like many other wrestlers in the ring learnt to fight dirty from time to time, but overall he fought his way to the top without breaking the rules to the point of removal. Shawn at one time teamed with Jannetty; however, the two men coming into the rings together soon came to brawls, especially after Sherri started managing Shawn. His buddy Jannetty however turned out to be a backstabber, as you can see.

At the Rumbles, Sherri again attempted to assault Michaels, only this time she succeeded, i.e. she open-handedly slapped Michaels in the face. At the same time, Sherri and Jannetty attempted to restrain Michaels so that Sherri could hit Michaels in the head with her shoes. She missed! (Ha, ha, ha) and hit Jannetty instead.

As you can see down through the centuries, many wrestlers competed with the intent of winning, no matter what it took. While today a lot of dirt in the rings continue, back in the 50s dirt plagued the rings also.

Lola LaRay was one of the first women in wrestling. This legend of the rings started out wrestling during the 60s. LaRay in the rings was deemed one of the hardest, roughest, and most evil woman wrestlers to hit the rings. LaRay had no consideration, i.e. she would go through the channels to win the brawls. Thus, LaRay broke the rules in many of her matches. Lola was born in Columbus, Ohio, began her fights in the ring during the year 1954, and ceased wrestling nine-years later, in 1963. Today, however, the women in the ring can be dirtier than, the women in the past