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The banana split is one of the oldest holds in the wrestling rings. A friend of mine was playing in the senior wrestling back in 1972. During a match, he pinned a player in the ring that hadn't been beaten, until the banana split took him out.

During the match, which lasted two rounds equaling, 2 minutes, the opponent used the banana split and nearly became disqualified for unnecessary roughness. However, he won the match, since he told the player it was in his best interest to pin his own shoulders to the mat. The player complied, since while using the banana splits, the legs will only spread so far, before something starts to tear and rip. The banana splits are a painful strategy in the ring, yet it was not permitted to use this hold to the extension of roughness beyond necessary.

He put his shoulders on the mat, but it wasn't soon enough since he was showing signs of pain and agony from the hold. After the match, his girlfriend and other friends became angry since this man was unbeatable, thus they busted the bus windows, and the girlfriend spit in the face of the winner.

This is here is school year wrestling and some of the moves or holds allowed included the banana split, Gallatin, the half nelson, full nelson however was illegal. Other moves excluded were some of the common moves today, such as dropkicks, double drops, camel clutch, etc. Thus, the wrestlers today are getting away with more holds in the rings, than what was allowed in the high schools.

During training, the wrestlers were not allowed to pick someone up and slam the opponent down on the mats. The wrestlers were not allowed to use holds that would cause straining and pulling of the muscles. The players were not allowed to bend the joints muscles backwards in any form during these years of wrestling.

Pro wrestling allows bending, straining, throwing, etc, while senior and junior wrestling does not permit this type of holds or acts. In senior wrestling during the 70s, there weren't many legal moves, yet the moves tolerated included using common sense. The goal then is not to cause harm, but to act out a brawl.

During one match, my friend battled another wrestling. Standing tall on the ropes, he jumped down and landed on the wrestler pinning him to the mats. This was another strategy that wrestlers often used in the rings.

Wrestling is a sport that went wrong somewhere down the road. Thus, wrestling today permits about any hold or move during ring battles. Today, there are such holds known as the Amityville Horror, Double and Single Drop Kicks, Backslides, etc. The human torture rack is another of the holds in the ring today at one time would be an illegal hold. Thus, the leg whip is a slashing spraining, therefore if used out of accordance; a wrestler will experience harsh pain. Again, this hold was not permitted at one time.

The Gallatin entailed putting the leg right in, and turns out the half nelson move, which stretches the body outward. This can cause pain in areas of the body, such as around the legs, lower back, hips, etc.

The half nelson move entailed one player putting his/her arm beneath the other players arm. The player puts his arm underneath the player while holding his head and pulling. Thus, this strategy combines with the Gallatin.

As you can see some of these holds are harmful, which contradicts the goal behind wrestling where harm is not the focus, rather pinning the wrestlers to the mat


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