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High School Wrestling Move Grab Opponents Crotch


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Some of the most popular names in wrestling reach back to the centuries. The wrestlers that stand out in my mind, include Sgt. Slaughter, Andre the Giant, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, just to name a few.

Slaughter (Robert Remus) is also known as the Beautiful Bobby, yet when looking at this man you would think of fright knight in shining armor. Then again, when you hear his bio you will understand how this beautiful man earned his label. Bobby is notorious for pulling out the Cobra holds and clutches that submits his opponent. Sgt often wears combatant clothes in the ring, including jungle camouflage, sergeant hat, and black boots and tights.

This multiple time Heavyweight Champ took to the rings after coming from the military, thus landing on top of the world. Sgt Slaughter took to the rings and fans well, thus after joining wrestling, Sgt was deemed and voted in as the up most championship wrestlers in the Pro Wrestling History. This man-attracted attention both inside and outside the rings, by showing his courage in the rings, including attracting the attention of four presidents: Sgt accepted the invitation to visit the White House. A flag flew over the N. Capitol as recognition of the Sgt's triumphs. Yet, Sgt not only inspired the White House leaders, including Bush, Clinton, Carter and Reagan, he also inspired thousands of children around the world.

Yet, Sgt is not the only wrestler in the rings that has stepped beyond the rings to make a name. Andre the Giant is one of my all-time favorites in the arena of wrestling. Andre's real name is Andre Renae Rousimoff, which in the ring he was known as the Giant Rousimoff, Jean Ferre, and Andre the Giant, and the Giant Machine. The Giant of a man stood 7'4 making him one of the tallest and biggest men in the wrestling arena, and he weighed in at around 380-520. Andre was born in May 1946 on the 19th day, born in Molien, France. Andre fought hard up until his death, which occurred on January 29, 1993, while attending his father's funeral over in France. Unfortunately, a growing disease claimed his life. Andre brawled many times in the ring, winning and losing some, yet he showed pride, courage, and strength and care while he struggled both inside and outside of the ring. This man sets off a fabulous light, since if he can fight through disease and uphold a career, anyone in life can uphold ambition.

Spider, Destroyer, Macho King, Executioner, and Mister Madness, Randy Savage, brawled as a team with Hogan, Wolf Pac, and Mega Powers along with other well-known wrestlers. He stands 6'1 and weighs only 230 pounds, but this man left a mark in the rings by using some of his final moves, which included the Top Ropes where he flew elbows, dropping the opponents to the mat. Like Sgt Slaughter, Macho worked hard outside the rings helping children around the world fight disease. However, between Savage and Slaughter, Sgt has the lead. Macho's best rounds included his challenges with Hulk Terry Hogan, Rick Flair, Warriors, Snake, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, DiBiase, Bret Hart, DDP, Scott Hall, Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Nash, Sting, Rowdy Piper, etc. It seems he teamed up with some strong men in the rings.

In the early-80s, Hulk Hogan frequently visited the WWF rings. Hulk stepping into the matches became an admired warrior. Hulk Hogan joined with the WWF rivals, after going through tittle-tattle, as he was flagged a steroid user, thus Hulk pended lawsuits, and a bad name for a short time in the early-90s. While battling the gossip, Hulk never gave up, thus he took the title a few times.

Shawn Michaels another of the well-known wrestlers battled throughout his career both in the ring and outside the ring. This man coming from a military background struggled with alcohol while battling in the rings. He enjoyed partying; however, he concluded eventually that his career depended on his stopping the habits. He progressed, yet he failed many times, and winning in between requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 5:30:08 PM