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Wrestler Weigh In Video Nude

The action inside of wrestling varies however most all the moves and events are staged prior to the brawl. Wrestling moves differ, but for the most part out of the 200 modern moves, most are illegal. While these moves are illegal however, the moves are often overlooked or tolerated.

Some of the moves include the split, which at one time was known as the banana split. The leg split is when one of the wrestlers is lying on his back at the mat, and the opponent has both legs in his hands extending, or stretching them widely apart. If the wrestler does not pin his own shoulders to the mat, they stretching will eventually cause pain. This move was illegal in the 70s in high school, and is still illegal in the rings today, yet it is tolerated and often overlooked. Another of the moves in the ring that is tolerated or overlooked is the temple hold. In this move, the challenger takes the temple of the opponents between two fingers and squeezes.

The temple hold would kill anyone, especially if extreme pressure is applied, therefore we see that this is an act, otherwise death could occur. The straightjackets are another of the wrestling moves and it is the arm/hand/chest moves. The aggressor will clutch the challengers hand (usually the left) while holding the right hand of the antagonists, and will then cross over the chest area and cross the hands so that it looks like the challenger is in a straightjacket hold. The pugilist will typically exploit other lines of attack after positioning the challenger. For paradigm, the warrior might exploit one of his legs and sweep the contender off his feet by brushing his legs. This meticulous reallocate has deviations, which include the chokeholds, the double trap arm neck breaker moves, and the power bombs.

The body slam has a new name today also; however, the move is the same. The body slam includes lifting the opponent waist length and slamming him/her into the mat. At one time, the wrestlers might lift the body of the opponent over the head and slam him/her into the mats. According to the rules however, waistline level is the highest a wrestler can lift an opponent during a body slam.

One of the moves that are perilous in wrestling is the jawbreakers. The invader will crash the jaw of the other performer into a sector of his/her body parts. Commonly, the pugilist will slam the opponents jaw into an area of the body that will not break easily. This is a dicey move, since the facial vicinity is responsive and slamming hard into a hard surface (area of the body) can lead to acute hurt. Again, if this were really going on in the rings, we would see a lot of bandages and out of work for long-time wrestlers.

The crotch holder is another of the moves in wrestling. This is less severe than some of the other moves. During the move, one wrestling is seated upon the mat with legs and knees extended while the feet are supporting the sitting stance. The player has the opponent upside down on the mat, head extending to the floor, hands leaping to grab support, and the shoulder/head area is in the crotch of the attacker. Again, this move requires additional moves to pin the player to the mat. The ultimate goal is pinning the shoulders to the mat.

During brawls the wrestlers will receive points/scores, and warnings. The wrestlers must stay within boundaries of the ring, wear particular colors, and adhere to codes and signals. In the background, the wrestlers are choreographed