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Wrestling is in the fictional world regardless of who believes it is real. My father is a big time wrestling fan, and refuses to believe that this revolving brawl events is fake. At one time, I nearly believed myself that this show biz event was fake, since the actors make the moves appear so lively that it is difficult to decipher.

The moves alone should tell anyone that it is a showy display. For example, if in real life someone clamped their fingers around the temples and squeezed real hard the person would black out, or else die of the pressure was extreme. Murder is against the law in and out of the rings, therefore this has to be a fake, and otherwise a lot of people would be in jail.

The wrestlers often wear outfits that encourage the fiction, yet the moves are choreographed. Wrestlers are also trained before they join the rings. In the rings, the wrestlers use freestyle tactics, folk style, and Greco Romanian types of moves. The wrestlers focus is competition, yet they adhere to the rules as they compete. The wrestlers join weight classes and must weigh x amount of pounds before joining the rings. They also must learn the rules of the mats, official/coach rules and their signals and codes. The performers also learn uniform codes and signals, as well as score terms, competitor pairs, team scores, score rules and terms, and consequence calls before joining the rings.

Therefore, if you are still asking if wrestling is fiction or real, the answers should be obvious. If you are uncertain, then realize that most the moves in the rings have to be fictional, otherwise serious harm would come to these brawlers.

Wrestling is pre-acted before the battlers' air. The wrestlers are told what to say prior to saying anything in the ring; however, some wrestlers come up with their own ideas in the rings, which lead to a new fictional airing.

Nowadays, wrestling is becoming such a hoax that even wrestlers are becoming annoyed. Fans are now screaming, fling the stepladders and benches in the arena and organizers have to afford the view, that the public wants. The fans are now demanding a speedy wrestling topped up with violence and fictional output, while sex is in between. Wrestling substance is being taken over by the Character, Appearance, and Presentation skills. Technical moves have been excessively dramatized as like Soap opera scenes. In fact, more words are crossed than action going on in the rings.

But, what about the wrestlers that are coming in the rings with bandages around their neck, arms, etc? What about it? If producers can fake out the audience with moves that would kill or hurt anyone, why can't they fake out a hospital visit, or else an injury caused in the rings.

If you believe these men/women are really undergoing broken bones and returning to the rings in a short time, then you obviously do not understand the difference between reality and fiction. Like anything else in life, wrestling producers are liable.

In the rings, even the referees have pre-acted starts. Most times at what time the referees are looking in another direction while a violation is going on, is because it is staged this way. The point often is to create a heel and a hero. If a wrestler is committing ongoing violations, he/she is trying to set up the villain approach. This is common in the movies, since we always see the villains bullying the nice guys, and thus the nice guy always prevails