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Very Violent Women Wrestling

Wrestlers enjoy a good name and fame during their career highs. Often they are called champions having great fan following and people just turned mad to have a glimpse of their heroes. This all presents a very shining picture of wrestlers life, but truth lies beyond this also.

Wrestlers though have a wrestling as their main career but it's not the one that can guarantee flow of funds for their whole life. Many former icons tried hard to settle their life outside ring. When they are at their best, they can expect good earning but once there comes a lean period, they find it hard even to have two ends meet.

Wrestlers have their earning mainly from the organization that they are associated with as like World Wrestling Entertainment etc. which are engaged in putting their shows. Other source could be in way of paid visits to the other arenas, independent circuits or countries but this too, is possible only for the leading wrestlers enjoying popularity across the border as like wrestler Rick Steiner, travel to Japan every couple of months to have assignments.

Adjusting to the hard-core realities of a common, less-glamorous working world always pose a big challenge for many wrestlers who were accustomed to the showbiz and lavish presentations.

To settle in a normal life is not only difficult for the wrestlers but also for their fans as to accept them like other common person outside the ring. Ray Lloyd who now is serving as a teacher faces the same difficulty among his students.

Wrestlers have most of their fate depending on the company they associates with and if something tragic go with the latter, then that could cause a havoc on their life as it happened with the folding of WCW, after which many wrestlers had to find real jobs to be alive.

If the wrestlers give in against the pressure of their image and popularity they could even land up in more critical situation as
WCW star Lex Luger had, he was arrested on charges of drug possession. Many times, wrestlers get engaged in other crimes such as theft or fraud so as to meet their requirements.

Other critical situation that could be faced is with regards to the health of the wrestlers. As many of them relied on artificial energy sources during their good time, they might face serious after effects at later
Stage, leading to various ailments. Wrestlers also always carried a risk for accidents during their fight and sometimes this could prove to be fatal or could lead to any permanent malfunction.

Wrestlers as came in this field at a very early age so they usually have no or less educational qualifications though exceptions are always there but in majority these players don't have other skills which just limit them to wrestling field only and except wrestling field they have a hard time to have decent job because of lack of required qualifications.

Besides all these threats, wrestling does attract a large number of youth and this all because of the glamour attached with the same. Even this is a fact that wrestler who is famous enough earns fortune out of his fights and a limitless fan following the other great charm, he is paid with. Wrestlers who have proved him never go unnoticed by the public and can always expect good returns for the same.

So, it could be concluded that wrestling, as a career option is not a debarred thing but in fact, could prove to be the most promising one. The only thing one should consider in time is the after plans that one ought to follow after his career so that with a bright future one can also enjoy a safe future