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In accordance to some of the connoisseurs (Paleontologist/Anthropologist), the people that studied the pre-history channels claimed that the first man arriving on earth (500, 000 years earlier) transported a legacy, stemming from the hominoidea groups, thus this legacy was play. While many quarreled with convincing insight, claiming that play originated in cultures of lifestyles, and humankind developed the notion related to his play behavior; the studies show that before man came up with an organizing plan, while determined to rise above, he played between, since this place pave the way for cultures.

According to few, there were minor if any areas in these findings that eliminated wrestling from this notion. Thus, wrestling is conflicting for few, since people do not recognize as a cultural, history, or hominoidea groups type of sport. Thus, play and wrestling differs, since in hostile regions prior to today's men, men engaged in play, yet they remained serious in mind.

According to theorists, including Scientist Diem, wrestling came in form during the rites of funeral. Thus it is concluded that wrestling came about when two men coveted one woman, etc, which they began wrestling amount self.

In actuality man began wrestling within self after the first human sin, thus afterward fighting began physically since humankind had to battle the evil forces coming toward them. Thereafter, fighting became a thing of conscious that set forth play which lead to boxing, wrestling, etc.

Williamson is one of the first men that put together a wrestling team during high school. Thus, during the years 57' to 73' Williamson coached the Jackrabbit matches. In true actuality then, wrestling took to the fore as children gathered in the ring to wrestle; therefore, a billion dollar industry is now in the running, deriving from children.

Since wrestling first made headway, it has now grown into a billion dollar industry. In fact, many wrestlers prosper by matching other opponents in the rings. Some people believe that wrestling is real, however the pins, hits, etc in the matches are mere acts.

Wrestling at one time was a serious sport, however today more and more people are viewing it as a soap opera, since women have joined the arena changing the entire outlook of wrestling forever. (By no means am I claiming that women are solely responsible for the depiction now setup in wrestling) Sex sells is the ultimate weapon promoting in todays, wrestling arenas. This proves true, since during one match one of the wrestlers brawling with another stated that if he won the match, he would take home three of the wrestling divas. What a pornographic depiction, and our children are watching this obscene stories.

Wrestling is violence no matter how one views it. Violence is against true nature, thus what is the battlefield known as a sport promoting? The wrestling matches today are teaching us to retaliate, use violent to get one's way, sell sex; women are sex symbols and so much more. While the wrestlers and the producers will argue this point, the actions speak louder than their words.

While the Paleontologist/Anthropologist claim the reality of wrestling derived from play, it is far removed from fun. Schools all around are teaching children wrestling, yet this is a good action to a degree since wrestling teaches self-control. However, karate will act the same in light, yet karate is more effective, since it teaches our children to defend, rather than fight.

Boxing is less dramatic than wrestling, yet boxing can be more violent. What started wrestling then? Why does humankind consider fighting games a thing of entertainment? What promotes a person to join in a battling brawl, thus enforcing retaliation, hate, etc? What makes humankind consider violence fun

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