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Wrestling is a sporting event that includes moves, titles, fame, etc, yet today it extends beyond the ropes. The regulations of wrestling is often altered, and most times overlooked in the rings. Some of the wrestlers will even concoct their own strategies while battling in the rings. If the arbitrator is not looking at the battlers, thus the acts will go unnoticed. Most times, it appears that these referees are more involved in anything other than the opponents in the rings. The matches often have a limited time that the opponents will battle. The matches, or wins often depends on which opponent has the other pinned to the mat on a 3-count, or else who have has the two better matches out of a three hand play.

The compliance holds is another way that a wrestler can win a match. Most times, it is known as submission holds. During this event, the player is locked into a stance that is often painful. Thus, the wrestler might send a message to the referee, alerting him that the stance is causing excessive agony, and thus the match ends with the submission holder winning. Sometimes the wrestlers are cataleptic after a chokehold occurs, and while the player is out, the other player wins the match.

This is ludicrous, since if a person is hurt to the point that he/she is comatose, it is only depicting violence and dishonesty. I recall a battle I had of my own, when my heel slipped and I fell backwards hitting the concrete, knocking my self out. The person continued kicking me in my ribs as the audience screamed, she's kicking you, and she's kicking you. Now in a ring, I might have been a loser, but on the streets when I came to, I jacked this girl way off the ground with my foot, thus lifting her over eight inches. She weighed two-hundred pounds and I weighed around one twenty.

A friend of mine used the banana split move, which is called the leg split in these days I believe. During his wrestling years, he battled an opponent in the rings that had never been defeated. After the banana split, the opponent was begging for mercy, since after splitting the legs so far, he could cause tear of the tendons, nerves, ligaments, and so on. The point of wrestling is annihilated, since at one time the sport did not include causing harm to others. Nowadays, it is violence on television rather than a sport.

Once the wrestlers today concoct their own moves, they are often accepted, and they are often used by other wrestlers thereafter. In the present day and in the rings we see verbal abuse, violence, sex, and a whole lot more. The women at one time wore one-piece suits while wrestling, yet nowadays they are wearing a lot less. In the rings, women dancers, strippers, and other defilements are stepping in, thus polluted sports. Yet it is allowed and tolerated by many, since the morals, values and standards are dropping to its lowest ever around the globe.

The Boston Crab is a type of submission hold, where the challenger is on his/her back. The opponent uses the hook move grabbing both the challengers' legs and extending him/her off the mat. The wrestler is twisted until he/she is facing the mat, in which the opponent straddles the challenger, and thus the opponent bends upward the legs of the challenger until strain and pain is felt. If the body is fit and healthy it can tolerate a great level of abuse, however someday after taking all this abuse, the body will say, I've had enough

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