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Wrestling and its events come in fictional light, yet few believe that this once sporting like event was real. During the events, the wrestlers are pre-trained to act out their parts. In the events, they are trained and are encouraged to follow particular rules.

During some of the wrestling events, the actors have pre-staged acts in motion. For example, last night the Undertaker took on the Strongest Man and won the match, placing him in a coffin. This is part of the act they will setup prior to the match. The Strongest Man probably was getting more priority than the Undertaker was, thus the act was staged probably to get Undertaker more seniority with the fans.

During one event the wrestlers through nails in the center of the rings, and tossed the adversary on the nails. You know that if this happen in reality that the wrestler would have endured severe injuries. During another event, the wrestlers had a bench in the center of the ring and cups of beer, the wrestlers were drinking the beer, but the truth is that these are health freaks and are often discouraged from taking substances or chemicals that harm the body. It was probably apple juice or a colored liquid that appeared to be beer.

In the rings, many things go on during events. The most of the moves, actions, etc that go on in the ring are staged accordingly. While the events were previously sports, today it is nothing more than a bunch of nonsense and full-grown people acting like immature brutes.

During one event, Booker T and his wife took flight under the mats to escape the Boogeyman. This plot is to make the public believe that this giant of a man and his battling wife is terrified of a single wrestler. This is ludicrous, yet fans seem to enjoy this type of childish plotting. The Boogeyman is one sick character. In his acts, he will put worm like objects in his mouth while allowing them to dangle from his lips. This person wears a horrendous outfit as well, that makes him appear pure evil. During one event with Lita and another wrestler in the background, Lita's breast nearly falling out of her top, she was have a communication with a wrestler, when he left the Boogeyman came up from behind the couch and with dripping liquids coming from his mouth and devil teeth, he scared the female wrestler. This is all a sick game, yet the people around the world will pay big money to see this nonsense live and on television.

During another staged event this same character the Boogeyman scared T and his wife again as he appeared from behind them eating a mouth full of guts. This is totally sick, and this Heavyweight Champ flees from this horrific scene. Logic would say in a real life experience the man would protect his wife, yet this man ran behind his wife as if he met the devil.

As you can see, the events all have plots. Some of the wrestlers in the scenes take the roles as heels, while others take the roles as the good fellowmen. Wrestling is classified in a couple of categories basically, pro and amateur. The Pro wrestlers often undergo hard training to acquire special skills, and often utilize the training in the rings on a pro level. Pro wrestlers spend more of their time honing their skills and participating in different contests, events, and this is often their prime jobs. The pros have career out of wrestling, which is often the prime source of their income. Thus, we have acting inside a ring overall