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Naked Women Fight In The Boxing Ring

Wrestling is considered an entertainment. The wrestlers have to go through school to become a wrestler, with the exception of few. A few wrestlers made exceptions however.

Wrestling at one time was wholesome but nowadays solicitation, immorality, low values, violence, retaliation and other problems have moved in the door. At one time wrestlers acted out their scenes on a wrestling matt making it appears that they were actually fighting. While this is all an act now, some of the slang, connotations, and other details make the drama seem real.

Children today are finding interest in wrestling, which is leading to violence in the real world. One boy body slammed his sister, killing her and was sentenced by the courts for manslaughter.

Where are the fine lines leading us? How is it affecting our society as a whole? Moreover, how is it affecting our children today? Is wrestling then entertainment or a violent depiction that enforces rehabilitation when something does not go our way?

Today, wrestling too many has become a soap opera. Women are fighting on the screen with some wearing less than a bikini on television. The women are solicited by the men, and fight the men on the big screen. This brings up morality since the rule is any man that treats a woman harshly is punished by God. Women wrestlers are not making it easy for the real life women enduring abuse. Women fighting men is setting an image that it is ok to hit women, since women are as strong as men are. The fact is women are the weaker vessel of men and for a man to hit a woman makes him less than a man.

Other details come out of wrestling. At one time, I too visited stages were wrestlers fought, rather acted out their scenes on a staged matt. Nowadays, I do not even like wrestling showing on my television in my home, due to the derogatory changes wrestling and the media has placed on what use to be an entertainment or a sport rather.

Wrestling then is something we must reconsider. One of the problems that I had with my children came from wrestling and I do not care who wants to disagree, since I am the one that went through the changes with my children.

One of the better deals I found about wrestling was when a few wrestlers starred in movies. The Movie the Nanny starring Hulk Hogan: The movie showed a more humane side of the wrestler. On the stage, all you see is vicious, revengeful men battling in their underwear.

Do not get me wrong, I do not despise anyone making money doing a job, but when it affects other people's life, and then the line has to be drawn.

Wrestling is somewhat like a soap opera, since many want to know what is going to happen during the next episode. Few people become addicted to wrestling, while others see no purpose of the program. Nowadays, the television in whole is selling sex, violence, retaliation, and so on.

Violent teens are escalating in numbers with few killing after watching wrestling programs. While the wrestling members will battle, claiming their program is not causing harm, the evidence is escalating showing otherwise.

When you think about, a company manufacturing and producing a product will sell you a line. While researchers are conducted and evidence is accumulating showing that, the product in facts causes cancer. The company producing the product will make any claim to defend the product, regardless of the facts and evidence accumulated.

Same with wrestling, they too will defend a billion dollar industry before accepting any truths or evidence supporting that the pornographic, violent-impact sport is not causing harm to others.

The problem is so many minds nowadays are corrupted by the volumes of media, magazines, television and so on that too many people are thinking violence, sex symbolism, and sex is ok.

Give me a million and I will sell you any line, yet the world is ok with that