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Wrestling is staged, plainly put. Out on the streets you see real brawls, but in the rings you see choreograph wrestling. If you ever see a choreographer in the music arena, you see a person standing at the edge of the stage with hands in motion, directing the musician (s). Likewise, someone is standing somewhere about the arena in wrestling, directing the wrestlers.

Wrestling has languages, parts, etc, and some of the language includes push, sell, squash, angle, no-sells, etc. Wrestling is vending. The choreographers and wrestlers make the procedures appear factual, while in fact the shows are staged/fiction. Throughout the matches, wrestlers act out the squash, push, angle, job, no-sell, screw job, etc. The push is a directed plot that works to make a single wrestler grow in the prominence. The angle is when two warriors in the ring prolong a revolt. Job is were one pugilist may reach agreement to loose a competition, in an effort to promote another wrestler. No-sells are malfunctions, or stopping the promotion of another wrestler, and the screw job is apparent, since someone inside or outside the rings has defied a wrestler.

The wrestlers train before they step in the rings. Throughout the session of training, these wrestlers are taught to hit, throw, bite, etc without causing harm to the other person. At most, the pain is minimal. Still, wrestlers must pump up their physique to make it appear that these men/women are qualified to battle in the rings. The majority of moves would hurt the average person, yet the staged moves make it appear that a wrestler is hurt, when in fact he/she is not.

At one time, no one really won wrestling since the fighters were often outnumbered in the rings. Now, wrestling is a gamble, since the brawlers realized that they could make more profit by staging the shows and fixing a figure on the bets made toward the brawls. The WWF is where the chain of logic stopped, since these were nonconformists.

At one time, the NWA made a statement that sit WWF out for a moment, while the wrestlers were joining a more legit battling arena. WWF was brought down when an investigation occurred that claimed steroids were distributed in the arena. Although some name wrestlers were cleared, it still had an effect on WWF. WCW took power, while WWF was using new wrestlers and imaginative perspectives to restore their name.

Wrestling then is an act that makes people believes it is the real thing. The actors in the ring are carry out a script that makes people believe a real brawl is about to take place. ECW brought in the hard stuff, i.e. in the rings chairs, tables, and other devices were utilized to appear that the matches were dangerous. This lit up wrestling, since the same effects moved forward to WCW, however, the ECW went out of business, due to an eruption that sent them to insolvency.

Still, after the insolvency, WCW continued with the modern type of dangerous moves in the rings. Today, we see a lot of verbal slang going on in the matches, which at one time this too was not permitted, at least to this extent. Thus, gambling, soap operas and wrestling are the new movement, while sports are left behind.

During the first years of wrestling the Greeks and Romans set the sport events in motion, by utilizing the corporeal parts as a type of artillery. The goal was to not hurt anyone, rather to bring forth entertainment that would lead to fame. The changes throughout the history of wrestling took off, and now fame is the obvious goal that has been reached a number of times