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Wrestling at its best started out when wrestling was a sport. Nowadays, it is a high-tech acting arena, where sports are out and violence is in the rings. In other words, this high-tech dramatized, showy display case is acting out violence, yet the violence is extreme. Nowadays, this soap, drama, violent setup has lead people to believe that it is real. Some people will argue that it is the real thing, while others realize that it is a storyline, and plot to gamble in the rings.

Wrestling goes back a long way, yet each year it changes radically. Throughout the first years, according to few, Greeks started out the matches, and these divisors of sport started their brawls at the antediluvian Olympics, throughout the years before Christ came in the picture. (708)

Wrestling stems from the theory of wrestling within. The first battle took place when Cain and Able brawled and the one brother died resulting from the fight. Laws were issued, thus play was already in the picture, and therefore play combined with brawl became a sporting event. After the Greeks started the events, it moved into high schools and colleges, finally moving to professional arenas.

At school level matches, the length of 3 periods in a match is usually of 2 minutes each. While in some cases i.e. at junior varsity this duration can even be only of 1 minute or 30 seconds. As you can see, wrestling is based on a timeframe, a schedule, a plot, and a goal. Wrestling also takes place at tournaments, and this is where the wrestlers have the opportunity to reach for the goals. The best wrestlers often land in the pro arenas.

One wrestler along time ago was pulled out of the audience to wrestle. While he stepped in the ring, you can bet it was staged this way. Training is inevitable. If the wrestlers are not trained, likely they will not step in the rings until they know the moves, etc.

Wrestlers before entering the rings must known the styles in wrestling, including the Greco-Romans styles, freestyle, and folk style. The wrestlers must understand the rules of competitions, weight class, mat rules, official rules, coach rules, score terms, competitors' pair, team score, score rules and terms, and penalty calls before engaging in battle.

The penalties call focus on illegal holds that hold no consequences, and thus the wrestler either loses or gains a point and receives a warning. Most times in the rings the coaches are looking the other way while wrestling is going on, thus the wrestlers are getting away with violations. The penalties call include illegal holds that have consequences, and the battler losses a couple of points and receives a warning. The flight violations, are applicable to point loss and warnings as well.

The scoring system depends entirely on the moves for the most part. During the score system the referees will base win on technicalities, falls, injuries, flees, etc.

Score terming is based on takedowns, exposures, reversals, escapes, and submissiveness. Depends on what move the wrestler uses to takedown his opponent, as to what amount of points he/she receives.

The officials, coaches and uniforms all have rules in which they must adhere to while brawling is taking place. The officials determine whether a violation occurred, or if the wrestler is in the right. The coaches/referees have minimal rules, since they have less authority. The uniforms/wrestlers are under entire authority of the officials and an extent of authority obligatory to the referees.

The mats have perimeters and if a brawler steps over those perimeters, a violation might cause him/her to loose points. It depends however if the referee or officials note the boundary violation