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How To Teach Wrestling

Wrestling at one time was a sport. Nowadays it is a soap opera, almost x-rated, run-your-mouth operation, i.e. is depressing even those in the rings.

Wrestling dates back through the centuries, yet each year it is coming more of Soap as it grows. The Greeks are the starters of wrestling, since these Greek masters of the rings began brawling at the ancient Olympics sporting arenas during 708 BCE. Afterwards, wrestling became the well-liked Ancient sport, until recently. Thus, wrestling at this time was considered a type of bodily weapons, yet the purpose was to use the body sufficiently without causing harm to the opponent by pinning him/her to the mat. Women wrestlers came into the rings later, and by this time, they were already breaking legs, and causing harm to the opponents, missing the intended purpose.

Thus, the soul purpose of the brawl was to utilize the strengths and body, while dominating the opponent in an effort to defeat by pinning down the opponent, pinning him to the mat.

Wrestling then is not a battle of pain, where death and life is the result, i.e. the strategies are to pin down the opponent to gain fame. Thus, the wrestling then must be trained accordingly, as well as having sufficient skills to master his opponent without causing harm. Thus, weakness in the ring would only lead to defeat.

Therefore, wrestlers train before they join the matches, since the wrestlers must be in top condition. The wrestlers are supposedly trained to eat proper diets, while utilizing the best supplement that enforces nutrition.

The wrestlers are often given guides that help them select the choice of supplements to help them stay fit. Thus, wrestling at the Olympics require that the wrestler remains in tiptop shape, while working out regularly, and building strength and staying power, which enhances the muscles, building the legs and arms. Thus, wrestlers at high competitive stages and in good condition have the ultimate chance of winning the brawls.

Shawn Michaels is one of the wrestlers today that showed signs of setbacks, especially since at first Michaels use to get smashed the night before a brawl. In fact, he almost lost his chances at the WWF, since when invited to the rings, his hang over held him back. Still, Michaels had a sports background, so he could stay afloat, yet he needed to adjust his behaviors in order to take control of the rings.

Andre the Giant or Jean Ferre also drank heavily according to few. While this man battled however, he suffered a Growing Disease, which later claimed his life; still the alcohol would affect his lifespan as well as his ability to wrestle.

One of the biggest health, frantic in wrestling was Hulk Hogan. This man had stamina, personality, craze, etc, yet he was accused of taking steroids to gain his physique. If this is true is left to be discovered, however steroids only causes harm, even death, thus this is not a source for bringing new history to wrestling. Either you have it or you don't!

Wrestling nowadays is a Soap Opera and a demeaning program. Most times the wrestlers today are in the rings battling over women, i.e. who is getting who type of thing. As well, the wrestlers today slang words across the rings, and fight dirtier than ever before. Some of the women aren't much better since they appear out to show more skin than sport.

At one time, I would enjoy a match or two, but today, wrestling is a waste of my time. In fact, I always try to keep my children interested in anything but wrestling. Today, we see retaliation, violence, sex, and verbal childish throwbacks