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Full Nelson Hold

Wrestling is like a magical word inspiring huge youngsters to have it as their career. Wrestling, as like other plays, or sports necessitates physical as well as mental workouts. One has to follow a well-defined path of training and exercise so as to prepare him for the big job. Hard times in gym and ground make the script for the successful wrestling career.

Professional training is a keyword. The player should fix up his practice schedule after good discussion with his respective coach and guide. The focus should be on long-term goal rather then a quick effect. Aspirants generally have an idea about their good and weak areas so one should concentrate on making good their best and developing the weak to be strong enough as not to impediment their winning spree.

To reach one's full potential one needs enough motivation, so that he can be able to continue his strict training regime as usually the practice sessions are hard enough to force an aspirant having re look on his decision.

High intense training is required for wrestling and also a player has to learn to maintain his high output at least for the first 5minutes of match to have a lead over opponent. Wrestling needs sustaining high level of energy in short time and recovering even in shorter time.

Besides good training and skills, one should be more alert and cautious in arena, as a smallest wrong move can make the biggest difference in result.
Good conditioning is another area that one should focus on.

In session and off session training is another aspect. One needs to practice and exercise regularly so as not to loss the muscular strength when not active in arena. Body needs regular conditioning to maintain its stiffness and stamina as otherwise idleness can lead to loss of muscular mass.

Long exercise sessions, one should indulge in only after developing required stamina. Proper warm ups should be done as to prevent any temporary or permanent lose to muscles. Endurance power should be increased gradually starting with single or double sets and after on going for the required figure.

Conditioned cardiovascular system of the body helps it, to be able to receive more oxygen and high volume of blood with every pump of heart. At the start, the heart is somewhat slow in delivering required amount of blood to the working muscles but once it becomes stronger, it helps in preventing early fatigue.

The other thing to consider, for turning a young child into best player is to
Have broader perspective. The young athlete should not be overexposed to the respective play as say, wrestling in this case that it could result in the complete burned out or loss of interest before the onset of golden playing age. Over indulgence whereas on one side can make the job boring while on other side it could also result in the prefixed behavior making it difficult for the player to learn new things.

Focus should be more on development of movement, balance, coordination, flexibility, activeness, and sharpness in the initial years of age as this would help in having stronger base.

Training no doubt is the basic requirement for a bright wrestling career but self-motivation and will also play as good factor. One should not in any case give in before the ways like doping to have won a tournament as that can ruin the career as well as life of the player.

Training under good supervision with complete knowledge of requirements as well as expectations can always help a wrestler to reach his best