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Full Nelson Hold

Wrestling sport has given many great personalities. There, are the wrestlers who enjoyed a huge fan following through out their careers and presented this sport with a new image and identity all over the world. The history of wrestling as well as its patrons has its roots way back to ancient time.

To list the credentials of all these great wrestlers is not an easy task and it requires plenty of space as well as time. Though, briefings of some players have been presented in this article.

One of the known wrestlers is Gorgeous George, which is a name that needs no mention and wrestling without him would have never reached the present pinnacle. He was the player who won several accolades through out his career. He was among the most successful players. He introduced the concept of entrance music in arena. He was born in 1915 and died because of a heart attack in 1963. He had made a fortune out of his wrestling career.

Another of the wrestlers includes Bobby Shane, which is yet another name who was widely admired for his style. At a very young age of twenty, he was considered as one out of best and he earned several titles of Wrestling.

Another second-generation star is the brawler of the rings that will go to lengths to master the battles, i.e. Vivian Vachon. This lady belonged to wrestlers' family and had an inherited talent. She was the star during 70's and later on gets married to another wrestling player. She died in a car accident at age of 40.

Andre the Giant, one of my own all-time favorites appeared in the rings as Box Office Gold. Andre was among the top rated wrestlers. He began his career in 1964, aged 18. He had a contract with McMahon and through out his life worked under this promoter. Andre died according to sources while attending his father's funeral. The wrestler originated in France, growing up on a farm.

Another of the legendary wrestlers included Frank Gotch. Frank was born in 1878 and had the title of first pro wrestling superstar in America. He served this sport till year 1916. Also, he had been referee for some period. He died of uremia poisoning in 1917.

Wrestling sports is a one that has worldwide base and so variant are the players with respect to their background as they belong to different countries. It's a sport that transfers winning legacy from one generation to another. One good example is of Polynesian wrestlers was the old timer Peter Maivia and his grandson Rocky. They both enjoyed stardom in wrestling during their own times. Rocky was a multi time holder of US and American Heavyweight titles and as like him his grandfather also had numerous great wins.

Though wrestlers are always known for their achievements but some do have the dark side of it.
The wrestler Dino Bravo was once known as heartthrob of female fans, yet he had an association with cigarette smuggling and was shot dead at age of 44 because of this reason. He was the winner of WWWF Tag title in 1978.

Thus, wrestling today is one of the leading sports. On one side, if it can make the life of a wrestler then on the other hand it can also mar the player's life.
Many aspiring players got caught between their dream sports and the real life and finally end up nowhere. One should always have a secure side before indulging in completely with this obsession. This is a limited period game and once the player reaches that cross line, he has to search for other means.

But definitely, wrestling fever is an ongoing thing and one can be sure that the sports as well as its players will continue to reciprocate each other, helping one another to reach new heights


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