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Female Foot Choke Sleeper

How wrestling moves depends on who is in the rings and who is allowing what inside those rings. Wrestlers nowadays can get away with more moves than they could at one time. The tilt whirl is another of the moves where the assailant extends the opponents body to the point it is to the face of the assailant. The assailant then circles the challenger's body, thus lifting him/her off the mat, and then issuing a spin whereas the body and delivering a slam-dunk on the challenger. This is known as the backbreaker, or tilt whirl. The wrestlers often throw and drop the challengers during this attack, and sometimes will act out the hurricane moves.

The straightjackets are arm/hand/chest moves. The assailant will grip the challengers hand (usually the left) while holding the right hand of the opponents, and will then cross over the and cross the hands so that it looks like the challenger is in a straightjacket hold. The wrestler will often use other strategies after positioning the challenger. For example, the wrestler might use one of his legs and sweep the challenger off his feet by brushing his legs. This particular move has variants, which include the chokeholds, the double trap arm neck breaker moves, and the power bombs.

The scoop moves faces the challenger while reaching in the middle of the legs (between) and with the lose arm he/she grips it around the back, thus the player lifts the wrestler from the ground in a parallel traverse stance, and thus begins to dropping, throwing or slamming the challenger.

The actions of pro wrestling often have many strategies involved. Some of the moves or holds are dishonest, while few are proper, since they are used in the layperson matches. The wrestlers often have their own final moves, which often lead to a win.

Some of the moves include the head scissors, hammerlocks, human torture packs, leg drops, knee, leg splits, gut wrench, liger bomb, knife-edge chops, million dollar dreams, moon sault, etc. The moves are interesting to an extent, however if the moves are utilized inappropriately it can cause serious injury. I can't understand how these people took a sport to violence.

One of the moves that are dangerous is the jawbreakers. The assailant will slam the jaw of the other player into a section of his/her body parts. Generally, the wrestler will slam the opponents jaw into an area of the body that will not break easily. This is a dangerous move, since the facial area is sensitive and slamming hard into a hard surface (area of the body) can lead to serious injuries.

Some of the moves are acts, yet many of the wrestlers will act out in real-life hits, i.e. they will literally cause injury. The Hurricane moves are often painful as well. In this event the wrestler will flip the opponent upside down in the ring, thus his hands often extended to the mat to catch his/her fall, and with the opponents knee elevated the wrestler slams the challenger to the mat. This is sort of a scissor move, since the final touch is the pin.

The object of the game then is to pin the other player to the mat. In most moves played in the ring, the player will battle, using moves, and finally putting the challenger in the submission holds, which pins him/her. Ironically, some of the moves have the same titles, yet the players will often use different names. Rib breakers are another of the holds that many wrestlers will use, and this often involves the gut busting attacks