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What it takes to be in pro wrestling varies. Wrestlers might start out in high school, move to college, attend tournaments, and finally reach the professionals. Wrestling starts out as an amateur workout and moves into a field of acting. Once the wrestlers start, in high school, they must adhere to rules and weight limits in order to join the matches. After the wrestlers, make it to pro wrestling they don't often have a limit of weight to maintain. For example, in amateur wrestling a wrestler's max weight is around 254, however in pro wrestling the wrestlers can weigh 500 give or take and no penalties will arise.

The mats are where the players join to battle both in amateur and professional wrestling. Commonly, during competitions, the mats are around 9m and spherical, which grows in the pro arena at times. At the International arenas, the mats have a meter, defense boundary area, (zone) which often is 1.2m or 1.5m. The bands are often 1m submissive sectors and are often on the inside of the meters spherical area. During the brawls if the wrestlers step out of these boundaries they are disqualified, however in pro wrestling the wrestlers often step over the boundaries and nothing comes of it. For example, during one match, a wrestler threw another out of the ring, and nothing came of it.

The wrestler in amateur arenas are taught to act out their moves, however once they move into the pros the teaching becomes more extreme. Therefore, the wrestlers must body build, adhere to a diet and supplement plan, while learning to act in the rings. Wrestling is a body artillery act that does not include harming another person. For the most parts, the fist blows come in proximity of the area of target, but when it lands it like a slight punch where no one is hurt, but it might push the wrestler backwards.

One of the common moves in pro wrestling that you won't see in amateur arenas is the 450 Splash moves. This move is one of the most difficult moves as well as one of the most respected moves in the rings. The invader is on the turnbuckle, and then in essence he performs a full rotation and a half flip in the air, landing on the challenger in the process. This act is as thought the invader is about to fall off for the fake effect.

No wrestler in the arena of amateur is allowed to perform some of the acts that go on in the professional arenas. This goes back to the rules and goals, which is the point of wrestling is not hurting others while earning fame in the rings.

Throughout the competitions, the actors are previous trained, weighed, and directed accordingly to the rules of the Tournament. This happens in the competitions at high school and college as well. The players have no reason to disregard these rules, yet sometimes it will happen. Yet, in pro wrestling, the rules are constantly broken and no one seems to mind.

The RKO moves are one of the moves mastered by Randy Orton. This often takes place in pro wrestling since wrestlers in the amateur arena haven't mastered the moves to this level. During this move, the invader runs up and grabs the décolletage of the challenger. The wrestler then jumps up while throwing his weight/body out, and the opponent plunges to the mat. In amateur matches, this move is not permitted either, simply because these wrestlers haven't made it to the area of wrestling where they can act this sufficiently. What does it take then? It takes skills, acting abilities, bulk, weight, etc to join in the rings of wrestling