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Wrestling is all about the moves and plot. While in the rings the wrestlers are reenacted what they practiced before stepping in the rings, thus it is merely a fictional display. Learning some of the moves and how they work will help you to see that it is merely acting.

Stone Cold Stunner- The invader lifts a foot, and with foot in pursuit, he targets the opponent's abdomen. While the opponent leans over, the invader turns his body in a 180-degree turn and places his arm around the person's d├ęcolletage. Then he drops the player to the mat making it appear as he was connecting to the head.

Tombstone Pile Driver- The invader grabs the adversary in the groin area lifting him/her upside down to the chest. Once lifted the invader drops the player to his/her knees and he lands the opponent on his head. This could be another painful blow, and could lead to serious harm if it was real.

Pedigree- The attacker kicks the opponent to the gut. Once leaned forward he places the opponent between his legs. The attacker then lifts up the opponent's arms. Afterward the attacker jumps backwards and releases the arm when near the ground, planting the opponents face to the ground. If you hit the mats face first, you can imagine the impact and damage that would occur if this were the real thing.

Leg Drop-The Opponent jumps up and then spreads his leg out. As he is falling, the invader has to make sure that the opponent is lined up with the part of the leg that connects the thigh from the leg.

Rolling Thunder- this move is infamous with Rob Van Dam. The invader does a roll on the ground and then does a flip connecting to the body. The key with this move is the invader has to make sure at what time he/she lands that he connects as if he were sliding off the opponent's body.

Angle Slam- The invader approaches the back of the opponent and then places arm over the challengers shoulder then grabbing the tights he lifts up and then turns in a 90-degree angle slamming them to the mat.

While inside the rings, the wrestlers already know the rules of the game and how it is played. For the most part a choreographer is directing them through the acts. Sometimes the wrestlers will actually battle when the code of language is violated, i.e. if a wrestler calls out the given name of one of the wrestlers they may brawl for real. Sometimes while off stage, they will become agitated with each other and a brawl might erupt. Most times however, the moves inside and outside the rings are handled in professional light and in an acting method.

Wrestling originated as a sport where corporeal parts where utilized as artillery, yet after the decades sweep away and new ideas cropped in, the sport became a televised play. Most times, it is similar to the soap operas, and a lot of times, some of the actions taking place in the rings should be rated inappropriate.

While we can review the moves to see that they have to be fiction, otherwise serious injury will occur we can also view the program to see the fakeness. For example, during a match last night with the Strongest Man and the Undertaker, the Undertaker took down the Strongest Man and placed him in a real-life like coffin. This is silly, childish, and sets a poor example for children, yet this is an act of fiction that is tolerated inside the rings

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