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Wrestling is amongst the oldest sports in history .With the passage of time it has modified itself into various forms as being influenced by the specific country culture and thus we have various types of wrestling. Though the styles are different but the basic idea behind all these remain the same.

Two most widely known forms of wrestling are the Freestyle and Greco Roman style. These two are the international styles and are included in the Olympic contest. The basic difference between two lies in the kinds of holds permitted. As unlike freestyle under Greco Roman, the wrestler can hold or attack his opponent above the waist only. Generally, for these matches, 3 periods of two minutes each are allotted but these can be less depending on the result of former sets.

Freestyle kind of wrestling is a one which is prominently present in the Amateur wrestling, the sports which is carried out by the people who wants to indulge because of their interest rather then as a career.

The most participation at international level in wrestling contests comes from the countries like U.S.A, Finland, Turkey, Soviet Union Republics, Bulgaria, Sweden, Iran etc. Though, other countries do have their participation in this sport.

The other kind of wrestling is Folk wrestling. As the name suggests it refers to the local versions of this ancient sport. In different countries, different communities have their own kind of techniques to play this sport, which one can refer as Folk wrestling. These versions generally have geographic limitations. These are highly culturally influenced and makes for Non-professional sports. Ju Jitsu coming from Japan and Pehlwani, Kushti coming from India is some of the examples.

The back hold wrestling originated during seventh and 8th century in England. Thus, Glima came from Finland, while Luta Livre' came from Brazil. Wrestling also derived from Iran, and extended to Penjang Gulat from rural Indonesia, thus these are few of the examples of Folk wrestling.

Catch wrestling is the other name in this sport. Generally, this kind is considered more as a style of playing this sport rather then a different kind itself. Under this, the players are free to hold or catch the opponent in a manner they like. There are no such restrictions as in the Greco Roman. This kind has its inputs from various other sports also. NHB or No Hold Bar is a term utilized extensively in the earlier wrestling years for this type.

Sumo, in Japan, is the wrestling kind that is most famous style. It has been derived from the ancient culture of the country and has its roots in the religious beliefs of the land. The main features of this style of wrestling (Dohyo) are the kind of serenity being maintained inside the rings.

At present six grand tournaments of this sport are being organized every year in the country. Another of the famous kinds from the lands is the Shooting wrestling. Its origin can be traced down in the early 70's. This type has its input from Martial arts, and from the UWF. The UWF was the first org that formed the promotional of this kind in the year 84.'

Above all is just a look at the different forms of wrestling sport but in actual this has so many variants as to list them all is not an easy job. So many kinds of same sport indicate towards its universal appeal and the charisma it have. Wrestling is a sport that has equal fan following from all age groups as well as both genders.

Finally, it can be said that wrestling sport is the one with mass appeal and is prevalent in the major part of the world and this all because of the excitement being present in this sport

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