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Cartoons Of Women Killing Men With Headscissors

Sumo wrestling should not be a new word to anyone. In addition, if the person has even a little interest in wrestling sport then definitely he must have ever watched a too. Some people might have wondered on this strange sport for the first time but it is true that, as like other sports this too, is all full with passion and excitement.

Sumo wrestling is an ancient art of Japan. The royal families of country treasured this sport over centuries and it is because of their patron ship that today, Sumo wrestling is known all across the border. This art has its specific religious roots, which are alive even today. Seeking help from God for winning the battle to tossing salt around the ring for purification purposes are just some activities enforcing the same religious belief, even in the 21st century.

This wrestling is taken as a religious battle by Sumo and they never indulged in plethora of shouts and joys, though having won the match. There is a kind of serenity associated with this sport and always a balance is being maintained in the ring. The priest blessed contestants before and after every battle.

Sumo is a traditional Japanese sport and is present in their culture from time immemorial. Evidences are available in form of ancient wall paintings indicating the presence of this sport, many hundreds of years ago. Earlier Sumo wrestling was performed as an agricultural ritual to pray for a good harvest.

One of the Sumo names is the Nomi no Sukane also known as the father of Sumo. Opening ceremonies of tournaments are being referred in Japanese as Basho, while the ring that is 4.55 m in size is commonly referred to as dohyo.

Special ceremonial aprons and silk belts are designed for the Sumo's. Earlier, these aprons used to carry an image of lord, whom the wearer sumo served and to be chosen to do it was treated as a great issue of prestige and fame. While at present, these aprons carry the information like ranking or other details of sumo and are usually wear during a parade.

Sumo wrestlers have a rice-based diet and heavier the one is the more chances of his win. As, then he will be hard to toss out of ring. Sumo weighs heavily; some even up too many hundreds of pounds. During this play, the opponent either has to force his competitor to touch down the playing surface area or has to throw him out of ring in order to win. Pulling of hair, Striking with fist or using any other object for attack is not allowed under Sumo wrestling.

Sumo wrestling is often referred as a Mind game. The main emphasis in this lies on breaking the concentration of the opponent, as once that is achieved its far easy to knock him out. The opponent is motivated to make a wrong move that can then imbalance him, helping the other person to have leaded. It is just like a mental warfare where a single move can decide the faith of the battle.

Sumo wrestling is a good sport to watch. One can easily enjoy its technicalities that are easy to understand. Its rankings are very much performance based and none; other then good show can help a sumo to have a high ranking. As like other wrestling, this type is free from showbiz and embellishments.

Sumo wrestling is a sport that can be enjoyed by all kinds of people and it is gaining popularity day by day. Now a days, it is not only limited to its origin country but in many other countries, the people are coming forward to adopt this play as their career which truly depicts the mesmerizing effect of this great game