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Body Slam In Mixed Wrestling

Thus, wrestling today is one of the leading sports. On one side, if it can make the life of a wrestler then on the other hand it can also mar the player's life.

Aspiring players at one time knew the fine lines, however today the wrestlers are often caught between their dream sport and the real life and finally end up nowhere from time to time. One should always have a secure side before indulging in completely with this obsession. This is a limited period game and once the player reaches that cross line, he has to search for other means.

Lola was one of the first women in wrestling. This legend of the rings started out wrestling during the 60s. LaRay in the rings was deemed one of the hardest, roughest, most evil woman wrestlers to hit the rings. LaRay had no consideration, i.e. she would go through the channels to win the brawls. Thus, LaRay broke the rules in many of her matches. As you can see, wrestling started out early in brawls and gradually worked into a strategy to annihilate the other most times. In the matches today, the battles continue with wrestlers screaming out bludgeon remarks, etc.

Some of the moves today were not permitted when wrestling first started out. However, today there are more than 200 moves that each opponents uses to tag the other wrestler in the rings. Wrestling has become so well known that millions of people are viewing this sport program, while others are posting and sharing photos online. Today, more than fifty women have stepped into the ring and the way it is looking, more are on the way to the WWE, WWF; etc matches. Unbelievably, but women wrestlers has been around since the late 1940s and the mid-1950s.

You'd think that a woman coming from the 50s would have more respect for the audience, yet it appears that even the women in the 50s had little respect for self, yet even today; these elderly wrestlers are stepping into immorality. Today's woman are exploiting in the rings, thus at one time women wrestling were prohibited to one piece suits, until the liberation came into focus, which took women over the edge, since they failed to see respect, rather they seen a way to express them self regardless of what picture it placed on women as a whole.

Nowadays wrestling is turning into a Soap Opera. Even wrestlers of today are becoming frustrated with the new Soap style sports. Rowdy Roddy Piper in fact became angry and broke down WCW office walls of Erik's habitat with a baseball, tired of the Soap Opera matches. Thus, he went haywire at this time and told them to shove WCW, since it was not a real sport anymore.

Wrestling is also becoming violence on television, since at one time it was illegal to, actually hurt another wrestler in the matches, at least the way they do today. Wrestling nowadays then is a perverted soap that needs to remove itself since children are watching the nonsense that supposedly is a sport. As for Mae, it doesn't appear that she was good in the ring, yet she made a name for her self as a woman's wrestler. One of my favorite wrestlers is the Junk Yard Dog Ritter, alone with a few of the other crews.

How wrestling starts and where it ends depends on how much tolerance the viewers, government, media, as well as others permit. We see some moves in the rings nowadays that were not permitted at one time, but now, where does it end