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Learning About April Wine
May 29th, 2017

Box Wine: Not Just Snobbish, But An Economical Option As Well

When a person hears the term April Wine they may think there is a new beverage out that they need to try but in reality April Wine is the name of a historic Canadian rock band that has reappeared on the music scene. April Wine is not an intoxicating beverage but does allow rock music lovers a full buffet of intoxicating sounds. A person who is not familiar with this group but who has a taste for classic hard rock will want to take the time to explore the group and the music they have produced over the decades.

The History Of April Wine

April Wine was founded in the incredible rock era of the 1960’s. This band began in Nova Scotia in 1969 with the joining of brothers David and Ritchie Henman with their cousin Jim Henman and friend Myles Goodwyn. The group quickly burst on the local rock scene and began to travel across Canada with songs such as “Fast Train” and “You Could Have Been A Lady”. The group had success in Canada and also some popularity in the USA although the group changed with the loss of the Henman’s.

In the 1970’s the group, Myles Goodwyn, Jim Clench, Jerry Mercer, and Gary Moffet worked to produce their third album with great success. The group incorporated lights and action in their concerts inspiring others and mesmerizing the crowd. Through the seventies April Wine continued to grow and change but had great success with several albums including Electric Jewels, Stand Back, The Whole Worlds Goin’ Crazy, Forever For Now, and Live At The El Mocambo as well as many others. The group had the opportunity to open for many popular groups in both Canada and the United States.

As with many rock bands April Wine had a parting a ways in the 1980’s and the members went on to solo careers or private life. It seemed that the world had lost another fantastic rock group to personality and business differences.


It is often said “you can’t keep a good man (or men) down” and so, after just a few years break from each other, April Wine found themselves talking and rekindling the basic tenet for the group. The group reunited and quickly leapt back into popularity in both Canada and the U.S. Their sixteenth album, Roughly Speaking, was released in 2006 with great success and the group continues to tour to this day. April Wine can boast of thirty-seven years in the industry making them an incredible success story indeed! People who are unfamiliar with the group should take the opportunity to taste April Wine and let the intoxicating effect grow.