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Bamboo Stalks Wind Chimes
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How To Make Glass Bead Wind Chime


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When you have a stressful day and need to wind down, nothing quite matches the soothing sounds of metallic wind chimes to diffuse some of that stress. Metallic wind chimes can be placed anywhere inside or outside the home where the slightest stirring of the air can create the calming sound to refocus the individual on what is most important in life.

In fact, if considering the use of metallic wind chimes why not channel some of that stress by creating your own metallic wind chime? This creation of making your own metallic wind chime can be easily accomplished by selecting common materials found around the home as well as the easy steps to follow in creating metallic wind chimes.

Materials That Can Be Used

Creating your own metallic wind chime does not have to be an expensive venture. In fact the basic metallic materials can be everyday common items found around the average household.

Some of these items could include old eating utensils or, if you are thrift store shopper, purchase old silverware. In addition, old silverware can be found at various garage sales in your local neighborhood.

Also, if you feel comfortable around the metal shop, you can use or purchase hollow metal tubing with different diameters. By cutting this tubing to different lengths they can be used to create the metallic wind chimes and provide different tones.

Steps In Creating Metallic Wind Chimes

An important first step in any do it yourself project is to assemble together all of the needed materials. Therefore, when creating metallic wind chimes it is important to have a supporting platform that will hold the individual chimes. A good material for this platform is a piece of wood. This supporting platform can be circular in shape or elongated. This platform will support the individual chimes. This will be accomplished through the use of fishing line. It is also important to have a drill so that the hole in the metallic chime and supporting platform can be easily placed.

Once these items have been gathered together it may be prudent to visualize how the metallic wind chime will look. This can be accomplished by laying out the materials and marking the specific areas where they will be attached.

Following this step then began drilling a hole over the marked area. Once the holes has been bored, simply loop the fishing line through the hole in the silverware and through the corresponding hole in the supporting platform. Once this has been accomplished simply secure the two items together by tying a secure knot. It is important to make sure that the length of line is long enough so as to allow the free movement of the metallic chime.

Then, simply repeat this process for the remaining chimes that will comprise your metallic wind chime. Once this step has been accomplished then attach additional fish line through the supporting platform. This additional line will allow for the metallic wind chime to be hung where the individual wishes.

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