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How To Make Glass Bead Wind Chime

Nothing quite matches the experience of being in the outdoors. This experience allows for individuals to get away from the interfering sounds of television, phone, radio, etc. This in turn allows the individual to focus on natural sounds. Often these natural sounds quiet the individual and help them to get in touch with their innermost being. This experience of being in the outdoors can be accomplished by simply stepping out onto the patio, into the backyard, taking a walk in the park, etc.

The natural sounds associated with being in the outdoors may include the rustling of the wind through the trees, the gentle cooing sounds of a bird, the trickling of water, etc. One other soothing sound that can be listened to in the outdoors is the gentle sounds emitted from tree wind chimes.

Tree wind chimes are those instruments that are strategically placed on a tree and provide soothing musical tones when the chime is stimulated by the wind. When considering the making or purchasing of tree wind chimes it is important to take into account a number of considerations. Those considerations include the style of the tree wind chime that you wish to purchase and the materials that the chimes are made from.

Selecting The Right Style

There are a number of options to take into account when selecting a tree wind chime. Some of those options include the size of the tree wind chime and particular décor.

Tree wind chimes are available to the consumer in various sizes and shapes. The size of the wind chime takes in consideration the length of the individual chime. Those sizes can range from a few inches in length up to 40 inches or higher. It is important to remember how you wish to utilize your tree wind chime. For example if you want to simulate the sound of a church bell then you may wish to go for a chime that is longer in length. However, if you wish the chime to be more delicate in sound then purchase or construct a tree wind chime in which the chime is smaller in length.

In addition to considering the size of the tree wind chime you may wish to maintain the theme or decor that you have established in your garden area. For example, if you have decorated your garden with butterflies then you may wish to purchase a tree wind chime that contains a butterfly ornament. Also, there are tree wind chimes that are made from stained glass. In keeping with the butterfly theme you may wish to purchase a tree wind chime that has the stained glass in the form of a butterfly.

Selecting The Right Material

Another important consideration when selecting a tree wind chime is the selection of material that comprises the chime. Generally, the materials that are used to make a tree wind chime consist of bamboo, wood, ceramic tile, etc. In addition, metallic materials are used. These materials include brass, pewter and copper.

It is important to remember that the material you select should be in keeping with what the individual wishes to convey in their outdoor area. For example if you wish to attract birds and wildlife you may not want to use larger tree wind chimes. These larger tree wind chimes may emit a louder sound that may startle the animals.