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How To Make Glass Bead Wind Chime

Wind chimes can meet a number of purposes within the home or in the outdoors. One of those purposes is to serve as a wonderful decorative feature. This is due to the fact that wind chimes can take on any thematic appearance. These appearances can range from traditional wind chimes that simply have the dangling chimes that touch each other when they are stirred, to bird wind chimes, to butterfly wind chimes, etc.

Another significant use of wind chimes is the sense of centering that the individual can experience in listening to the soft sounds of the chimes as the winds stir them to music. These sounds can be used to focus on the spiritual, meditative or centering disciplines conducted by individuals. Probably, the simplest material that is used to construct a wood wind chime is bamboo.

A bamboo wind chime offers a unique soothing tone and can be easily constructed by a hobby enthusiast. When considering how to make bamboo wind chimes it is important to keep in mind two important aspects. Those two aspects include the gathering of the needed materials and taking constructing action steps.


When considering how to make bamboo wind chimes the first step is the selection of materials. The actual materials can be purchased at most retail stores that have a hobby department, hobby or import store. The actual tools that are needed are a power drill and handsaw.

How to make bamboo wind chimes begins with the primary material which is the bamboo stalk. These bamboo stalks should be dried and can be purchased in various lengths and in different diameters. When cutting the bamboo stocks with the handsaw it is important to vary the lengths. This variance in length will provide the different tones and pitches when the chime is stirred by movement.

Additional materials include the purchase of jute string, an embroidery needle and jeweler's wire. Also, to add to the unique style of your bamboo chime, various decorations can be added.

Action Steps

The second major consideration in how to make bamboo wind chimes are the actions steps needed to construct the bamboo wind chime. The first action step is to cut the bamboo stalks to the desired lengths. When following this step of how to make bamboo wind chimes it may prove helpful to stretch out the bamboo stalks in such a way that they reflect how they will be hung.

Once the hobbyist is satisfied as to how the individual stalks will hang, mark the area with a dark pencil where the hanging bar and bamboo stalk line up. Once this area on the hanging bar has been identified, bore a hole into the supporting piece for the bamboo stalks.

In addition, drill a hole in the uppermost part of the stalk. The hole should be about one-half inch from the tip. Once these holes have been drilled connect the stalk with the holding bar by threading jute string through both bored holes. This threading can be accomplished by using an embroidery needle.

Also, a how to make bamboo wind chimes process allows for the individual to add a personal touch. This personal touch may be through beads or other ornaments. Once all of the stalks have been attached to the holding bar, connect jewelers wire to the bar so that the chimes may be hung in the patio or other outdoor area of the home.