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How To Make Glass Bead Wind Chime

Lighthouses are a type of tower building that are used for navigation by a ship at sea. These lighthouses send out a light to these ships to help them know where they are. They also help small aircraft coordinate their flight patterns at night. Today these lighthouses are not used as much. In fact, there are only 1,500 lighthouses left worldwide. However, this does not stop them from being beautiful, so beautiful in fact that a lot of people actually own a lighthouse windchime.

What A Lighthouse Windchime Is

As was mentioned earlier, a lot of people have a lighthouse windchime in their home today. This is because there were so many beautiful, famous lighthouses throughout history. These include the Lighthouse of Alexandria, which was built on the island of Faros (meaning “lighthouse”) in ancient Egypt. There are also many lighthouses found off of the coast of Maine and the rustic New England coast line.

A lot of people find these lighthouses to be so beautiful that they want to have a lighthouse windchime in their own home. There are numerous materials that you can actually use to make a lighthouse windchime out of. Some of these materials include stained glass, hand paintings and stained wood. The chimes themselves are usually made out of either metal or aluminum.

Why People Collect Lighthouse Wind Chimes

Many people enjoy looking at a lighthouse in all of its glory and splendor. The fact that these wind chimes are also quite inexpensive, usually only between $4 to $12, also adds to their enjoyment. Of course, there are many lighthouse windchimes on the market that cost more than this, but you can easily build yourself a very beautiful lighthouse windchime collection without paying a lot of money. These wind chimes can also be found all over the place, from eBay to many other stores online.

What To Look For When You Start Collecting Lighthouse Wind Chimes

Whenever you decide to start your collection and purchase a lighthouse windchime you will want to make sure that the lighthouse windchime you purchase is of very good quality. While there are most definitely a lot of beautiful designs available, if they are not of good quality, these wind chimes simply are not going to last you very long. Of course, if your are going to purchase a lighthouse windchime you are going to want it to last for quite some time so that you can get your full enjoyment out of it. Otherwise it is not worth purchasing it. So, take some time to shop around and find the perfect lighthouse windchime for your collection.