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How To Make Glass Bead Wind Chime


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The tones created by wind chimes as they are brushed by movement often bring to the individual a sense of peace and calmness. This sound created by wind chimes is often utilized by individuals as a call to prayer or meditation and helps an individual to become centered and focused on the deeper things of life.

In fact, it is strongly suggested, from the history of wind chimes, that these creations often adorned places of spirituality. These places of spirituality included temples or shrines. When individuals are under the influence of the sound of wind chimes they often think about things that transcend their earthly environment.

If contemplating the purchase of a memorial wind chime to honor someone's memory, it is good to know that there are a variety of styles and sounds that can capture the memory of a loved one.


When beginning the selection process for a memorial wind chime, the first consideration would be the style of the memorial wind chime. Fortunately, there are many styles available on the market and made with various materials.

For example if a loved one had a pet, that they were especially close to, the ornament that adorns the memorial wind chime could represent that pet that they loved. Or, perhaps, the individual that you are memorializing was very spiritual and one of your fondest memories was of them praying. A possible selection of a memorial wind chime could be an individual praying, praying hands, or an inscribed prayer.

In addition, a choice of memorial wind chime could be placed in a garden setting or near their final resting place as a lasting tribute to their memory. If the memorial wind chime is placed in a garden setting, then quite possibly the chimes in the garden could be a powerful testimony to their memory.


In addition to the various styles of memorial wind chimes that are available is the variety of sounds produced by memorial wind chimes. In general the use of sounds varies according to the size of the chimes and the materials used to comprise the chimes.

For example, if honoring an individual who believed in attending church regularly, the chimes could be made of long tubes of aluminum that simulate the sound of church bells. Or if an individual was a carpenter by trade, then it is possible that the memorial wind chime could be made of bamboo or wood. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 9:21:21 AM