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How To Make Glass Bead Wind Chime

Windchime: Summoning The Good Spirits

The windchime has a colorful history. The use of this instrument to summon the spirits and Gods started as far back as the prehistoric times. It was not really clear who made the first windchime but it had be been recorded in the history of the Far East that this instrument have been widely used in temples, pagodas and other places of worship. In the Buddhist temples, the windchimes are hung in the different parts of the temple to serve as a way to communicate with the Gods.

According to legends, people in the Far East see this instrument as something that connects them to the Gods. During sacred rituals, the sound of the windchime announces the arrival of the spirits to the sacred place. If the Gods are pleased with the offerings in the temple, it let the people know through the beautiful sounds of the windchime.

On the other hand, if the instrument does not make a sound during a ritual, this means that the spirits have not come down from heaven or that the spirits are not pleased with the offerings on the altar. When this happens, the priest or the leaders in the temple will then make more offerings until such time when this instrument will start making sounds.

The Art Of Making A Windchime

In the olden times, the making of the windchime is considered as a sacred act. Not everybody is allowed to make a windchime because of the belief that this instruments belongs to the spirits and the Gods. In the olden times, before a person is allowed to make a windchime, he should first go through a training process under the tutelage of a master. He should be pure in spirit so as not to taint the instrument that he creates. Once the instrument is tainted, it will become unfit to serve as a means to communicate with the spirits.

As times passed by, the art of making windchimes have become more liberal. People are now allowed to create windchimes and hung them in their homes. The sound of this instrument is supposed to protect the family from bad spirits that brings about sickness and misfortunes. It is believed that by putting this instrument in doorways and windows, one can avoid pestilence. According to legends, evil spirits cannot withstand the sound of this instrument that they will flee every time they hear the sound of this instrument. As the home become free of evil spirits, the people in it will have more prosperous and peaceful lives.