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How To Make Glass Bead Wind Chime

Perhaps on a stormy day when the family is inside the home a good activity that may bring the family together is the creation of a homemade wind chime. In addition to bringing the family together and creating a bonding opportunity, another advantage may be the opportunity for a teachable moment. This teachable moment may be the opportunity to educate the family about the forces of nature and instruct the children about respecting the environment.

When considering this project begin with the appreciation lesson of nature and then move into the construction of the homemade wind chime. The actual construction of the homemade wind chime begins with the use of common household materials and the following of certain construction steps.

Teachable Moment

Parents are often the best educators of their children. Therefore, a particularly good idea to conduct on a day in which the weather is inclement is to instruct the children about appreciating the environment.

A craft that can be particularly useful to drive this message home and have fun in the process is the construction of a homemade wind chime. By constructing a homemade wind chime the lesson of appreciating the forces of nature and the delicate balance of nature can be conveyed. This message can contain thoughts such as the importance of every element that nature conveys. Or, the message that even though we canít see the wind, we can feel the wind, experience its power, energy and its ability to create music.

Use Of Common Materials

When constructing a homemade wind chime there does not need to be a great amount of money spent. In fact, a homemade wind chime can be made from a number of materials that are found in most households.

These materials can include a number of plastic lids taken from any food product, string or fishing line, an ordinary stick and items that will serve as the chime. These items could be jingle bells from the Christmas decoration box, old CDs, etc.

In addition, there are two tools that are required. These tools include a pair of scissors and a paper hole punch.

Steps In Construction

The first step in constructing a homemade wind chime is to remove the edges off of the plastic lids. If you wish to be creative these lids can be further cut into various shapes that may appeal to the children. Following this step, using the paper hole punch, place a hole in the top and lower portion of the lid.

Then, measure several pieces of string averaging a length of 7 to10 inches. String each of these lines through the top hole of each of the lids and secure the string by tying a solid knot. After completing this step then secure the other end of the line to the ordinary stick.

The third step is to secure an additional line through each of the holes created in the lower portion of the lid. Once the line is secured then loop the free end of the line through the selected chime and secure the line by tying an additional knot. The final step in the process is to attach a separate line to the piece of wood so that it can be used as a hanger for the selected spot to capture the effects of the wind.