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How To Make Glass Bead Wind Chime


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In the quest to design some of the most unique and unusual wind chimes, many materials have been used. However, glass wind chimes seem to offer the most opportunities for artists to show off their imaginations. Stained glass adds another dimension to the art of creating glass wind chimes, opening up many opportunities for different decorating ideas.

Using multiple colors of stained glass, one artist has created a large flowing design that closely resembles the coloring and style of a peacock. When the wind blows the multiple colors of the peacock “feathers” rustle with a light sound, creating the illusion of movement by the faux bird. The amount of time and thought going into this type of glass wind chimes will command a price of $300 or more.

On the other end of the spectrum, glass wind chimes can be made of glass of almost any type and size but it can be tricky to have them precisely drilled to hang correctly to produce the sound the designer is looking to achieve. The design of wind chimes is more than simply hanging material close enough to make sound when the wind blows. The idea is to make the sound appealing while at the same time looking good.

Creating Glass Wind Chimes Puzzles

A project that can become a family craft is making your own puzzle on glass, and then creating glass wind chimes from the pieces. The project will require the use of a glass cutter as well as being able to bend wire or solder, and may even take several tries to get it right. However, the end result will be worth the effort.

You can begin with a square of glass about eight inches or more, and using paint or glue add the design of your choice to one side of the glass. Next, using glass cutters and wearing gloves to prevent cuts, cut the square into various shapes, such as squares, triangles or circles. Each piece will need to have a hole drilled into one end to make glass wind chimes and have a piece of thin wire or string attached.

Using ‘U’ shaped wire, cut the wire to fit around each piece of glass. Once completed, assemble the glass to hang from a circle or square of thin wood, about one quarter inch thick. One piece of your puzzle can be used as the center ball and another as the wind catcher hanging from the bottom of your glass wind chimes. Once completed, you can point out how the pieces fit together to form the puzzle.

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