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Are you still looking for something to give to your mom this mother’s day? If you want to give your mom something meaningful and special for mother’s day, try giving her bamboo wind chimes. According to the Chinese tradition, the bamboo wind chime symbolizes peace, harmony and prosperity. Giving your mom bamboo wind chimes are like wishing her happiness and good cheers for the rest of her life.

Shopping For Bamboo Wind Chimes

When you go shopping for bamboo wind chimes, you might want to check out those stores selling products from the Asian region. The most beautiful bamboo wind chimes are usually made in Bali, Indonesia where one of the first few wind chimes were first used for summoning the spirits of the ancestors during rituals and other sacred activities. The art of creating beautiful bamboo wind chimes have been passed from generation to generation in Bali so you say that these people have perfected the craft after hundreds of years of experience.

The Bali wind chimes are hand crafted and painted with beautiful Balinese art. The different designs of the Bali bamboo wind chimes have significance. For instance, the wind chime of wealth and prosperity is made up of 8 hollow bamboo rods housed under a replica of an ancient Chinese made of bamboo is rosewood.

According to legends, the ancient Chinese ships are laden with different kinds of precious metals and symbolize wealth. If you give this type of wind chime to a person, that person will have a great year and will most likely earn a lot of money. Of course nobody could really be certain if these things are true but this could make a great story to go with the gift that you are giving.

How Much Will The Wind Chimes Going To Cost You?

If you choose to buy one of those beautifully handcrafted and painted Bali bamboo wind chimes, expect to pay around $30 to over $100 depending on the intricacy of the design and the other materials used. Note that some manufacturers of the Bali wind chimes would ad some other exotic materials especially in the housing of the chimes to make the piece extra special.

On the other hand, the ordinary bamboo wind chimes are a lot cheaper. Some of these wind chimes cost just a little below $10. However, since you are giving these chimes to a very special woman, it would not be a good idea to get an ordinary chime. Always remember that your Mom deserves the best.

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