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Extra Large Bamboo Windchimes
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How To Make Glass Bead Wind Chime


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For lovers of the sounds and styles of today’s modern wind chimes and for those who are interested in making or collecting wind chimes knowing the history of wind chimes is of great interest. Wind chimes are a unique product of man which incorporates the nature of wind and various objects to create beautiful natural tones which calm the spirit and mind. The history of wind chimes is not definitive but historians do know that they have always been used in healing.

The Healing History Of Wind Chimes

The Asian cultures have long believed that using wind chimes could ease the mind, body and soul. Used in conjunction with meditation the gentle tones and clearing of ones mind work to reduce the stresses of life. The calming effect truly will benefit all aspects of health in the listener. Perhaps with the knowledge of the ancient Asian cultures wind chime healing can continue to benefit society in the present age.

The Religious History of Wind Chimes

Historically, wind chimes have been used by many cultures, especially Asian cultures, to welcome good and friendly spirits and to scare evil spirits away. The chimes often were hung on every corner of a home to keep the home safe from evil. The compilation of the gentle tones would create an atmosphere in which only good spirits would feel welcomed. A home with several wind chimes was sure to be a safe haven from any pursuing evil.

The Agricultural History of Wind Chimes

Probably the most historical use of wind chimes was in agriculture. Farmers in history have used wind chimes in the fields to scare away birds and other animals. With the careful placement of the chimes throughout the fields any animal would quickly be scared away with even the stirring of a gentle breeze. This historical use of wind chimes insured a bountiful harvest which would benefit whole communities. There are still farmers today that use this technique with positive results. It is a great way to discourage the animals from invading because no harm comes to the many creatures mankind exists with.

All of the historical uses of wind chimes date back thousands of years. There is no real documentation of the exact date wind chimes were invented and first used but they have been popular in many cultures for centuries. Wind chimes have certainly stood the test of time since they are still quite popular with people all around the world. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 9:21:55 AM