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Clay Pot Windchimes.com
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How To Make Home Made Wind Chimes
How To Make Homemade Windchimes
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How To Make Seashell Windchimes
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How To Make Glass Bead Wind Chime


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There are many makers of wind chimes allowing for many unique wind chime designs. The traditional wind chime set is made of a tubular material or pipe with specific tuning usually to the Pentatonic scale. These traditional wind chimes are always nice to own but having a unique wind chime design will bring more character to ones home. With some careful searching a wind chime can be found which will be unique to the owner and will bring many compliments.

Many unique wind chime designs will have the traditional pipes but will have a unique object or design as the support for the pipes. The supports can be made of various materials including clay pots, crystal globes, stained glass pictures or even elaborate geometric designs. The support can be anything as long as the chimes can be strung from the correct locations for tuning. The unique ideas for the support are endless.

Other Wind Chime Designs

Themed wind chimes designs are a great way to have a unique set of wind chimes that will also express interests, hobbies or a career of the owners. These set will have items on the strings, on the support and even as the striker which identify a certain theme. For example if a person is a cowboy or likes cowboy memorabilia the support and striker may be shaped as cowboy hats or boots with other western items strung above the pipes. The number of themes is endless and a person can easily find a unique wind chime design that suits their need or desire. These types of chimes also make great gifts.

Another way to make a unique wind chime design is to use different materials than the traditional pipes. Copper and bamboo pipes are not seen as often in wind chimes and offer a unique wind chime design. These types of pipes will not only look unique but will have a different tone as well. Clay, glass and crystal pipes can make a great wind chime designs which will attract a lot of attention. With these fragile materials the owner will need to provide special care especially in areas with frequent strong winds.

Unique wind chime designs are easily found with a little effort. Many stores and internet sites carry all types of wind chimes. The designs will display character and style to add to the look of a personís home. It is important to remember when looking for a unique wind chime design that the chimes still make beautiful music that is worth listening to. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 4:51:54 AM