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Do It Yourself Windchimes
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How To Make Bamboo Chimes
How To Make Bamboo Wind Chimes
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How To Make Glass Windchimes
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Make Bamboo Chimes
Making Bamboo Wind Chimes
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How To Make Glass Bead Wind Chime


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Wind chimes can create a very soothing and comforting sound to individuals relaxing on their patio or veranda. This soothing sound is created as the wind moves the striker apparatus of the wind chime against the individual chimes. Wind chimes can be made from a variety of materials and can range in simplicity from homemade wind chimes to a finely tuned musical chimes that when struck will sound tuned notes of the musical scale.

When shopping for a quality wind chime it is important to know that there are many quality products available to the consumer. One of the premier lines of chimes is the Woodstock Wind Chimes.

Woodstock Wind Chimes are a reputable manufacturer of wind chimes due to a number of factors. Those factors include their history, how they tune the individual chimes and the offering of unique style of cultural music.


Often longevity, in any particular business, is a good indication of a successful product along with good customer service. The history of Woodstock Wind Chimes is reflective of these two key indicators.

Woodstock Wind Chimes is a business that was started by a man by the name of Garry Kvistad. His background as a professional musician and designer of musical instruments was a natural progression to creating a precise musical instrument known as a wind chime. This business was started in 1979 and continues to manufacture their wind chimes utilizing handcrafting methods.

The uniqueness of Woodstock Wind Chimes is that the musical tones are based on a pentatonic scale created by the ancient Greek culture. The use of this scale provided a purity of musical tones which soon became the standard in the manufacturing of wind chimes.

Tuning Process

Another feature that sets apart the Woodstock Wind Chimes is the techniques that are used to tune the individual chime that comprise the entire unit. This two-step process in involves the use of a computer and a process known as "just intonation."

First of all, the individual chime is tuned utilizing computer technology. This technology allows for the individual chime, when struck, to precisely sound a specific note. Following this process, the chime is finely tuned using an advance process. This process is known as "just intonation" which means that the tonal quality at which the tubes vibrate are integrated with the other individual chimes. This intertwined relationship between each of the chimes ensures the complete harmonization of the chimes when they are all sounded at the same time.

Different Musical Cultures

One additional unique feature of Woodstock Wind Chimes is that some of the chimes capture the musical intonation and style of various cultures. Some of these cultural styles of music include countries such as Europe, Asia, Jerusalem, Spain, Bali, etc.

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