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May 27th, 2017

Your Guide to Knowing All Your Wholesale Shipping Supply Needs

Wholesale merchandise is the way to go when you begin to think about starting your own business. But where are the best places to go for your wholesale needs? Where can you find the best source for wholesale merchandise in the convenience of one location? To maximize your time and minimize your effort, head to a trade show to fulfill all of your wholesale needs.

When you first decide to set up shop and open your very own retail business, one of your first and most daunting tasks will consist of locating wholesale suppliers that have what you want. What you decide to put on your shelves, after all, has a lot to do with whether your business will be successful in the long run. So finding good products and product lines for your retail business is absolutely crucial. One of the best places you can find the best in wholesale products and product line is at trade shows. Trade shows can be a great place to find new and unique products, and they can also be great places to make connections with vendors who may turn out to be some of your most important long-term business associates. Whatever you choose to sell, whether it is sporting goods, jewelry, musical instruments, comic books, or automobile parts, you will likely need to set up one or more accounts with wholesale dealers.

How can you find the best trade shows for your wholesaling needs? One of the easiest ways to find out about the best trade shows is to become a member of a trade association. Nearly every industry has its own trade association. By becoming a member of your own industry's trade association, you will be privy to all the latest developments and trade shows. Each trade association hosts its own set of trade shows, or at least makes you aware of relevant trade shows in your area. As a member of a trade association, you can get your business' name out there, receive regular newsletters, and have access to special website features. Trade associations are a great way to discover new and reputable vendors that you can do business with.

How can you find out about trade associations that are relevant to your industry? If you haven't made any connections yet, simply do a Google search to get started. The Internet is a great place to look up trade associations that are related to your industry. Make sure you find the official trade associations. Official trade association websites are usually chock-full of relevant information and resources. Another good place to find out about trade associations (and trade shows) in your area of industry is by searching Yahoo groups. Yahoo groups can allow you to connect to other business owners in your industry.

Another great online resource where you can find much information about trade shows and trade show associations is the appropriately-named Trade Show News Network. The Trade Show News Network is an extensive database that provides you with a comprehensive look at trade show scheduled all over the world. Plus, the website covers a wide variety of industries and markets. Another well known and respected source of trade industry news and trade show information is the business guide, located online at businessguide.com. This comprehensive site also contains an extensive list of trade shows that are scheduled for all fifty US states. Another relatively easy way to find out about trade shows without having to log on is to get in touch with your local convention center. Convention centers are the number one spot for industry trade shows. Try to get on your local convention center mailing or email distribution list. That way, you can always be up to speed on the latest trade show information.