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March 28th, 2017

Your Guide to Knowing All Your Wholesale Shipping Supply Needs

Becoming a fireworks wholesaler is tricky business. There are so many restrictions surround fireworks that at times you may feel less like a businessperson and more like a lawyer. But if you decide to go for it, you will find that fireworks are always on demand. There is the Fourth of July, of course, but there are also numerous other year-round celebrations where a little night magic is needed. These other fireworks-worthy occasions include New Year’s Eve, some Christmas celebrations, concerts, weddings, and other big events. As a potential fireworks wholesaler, there are definitely some things you should know before you get into the business.

The way you operate as a fireworks wholesaler will have a lot to do with what state you reside in. Let us assume that you live in a state where fireworks are legal. As a fireworks wholesaler, you can sell fireworks to anyone in other states. But what if you sell fireworks to individuals who live in states where fireworks are illegal. Will you be held responsible for selling fireworks to someone who lives in a state where fireworks are not legal? The short answer: no.

The responsibility of the law falls on the person who purchases illegal fireworks, and not on the person who sold it to them. Federal law guarantees that consumer fireworks are legal. It is certain states that outlaw the purchase of some kinds of fireworks. As a fireworks wholesaler who lives in a state where most consumer fireworks are legal, you are not required to notify anyone when you sell or ship fireworks to another state. Any shipping service or trucking company that you use to transport fireworks also is not required to notify any state or local authorities regarding shipped firework orders. Although the problem with shipping fireworks are generally very rare, as a fireworks wholesaler you should know that legal problems can arise. There have been a few cases where fireworks were interjected in the mail and were ultimately never delivered to the individuals who ordered them.

As a wholesaler of fireworks, you will be responsible for encouraging your customers to use their purchased fireworks safely. Many fireworks wholesalers recommend to their customers that they obtain a display permit from their local fire department that will allow them to purchase, store, and use fireworks. In order to get this display permit, advise your customers to visit their local fire department or the office of their local or state fire marshal. Most fire departments and/or fire marshals will routinely issue display permits that allow individuals to shoot fireworks legally. However, make sure to inform your customers that as part of the permit process they may be asked to specify precisely where and when they intend to shoot the fireworks. Of course, every area is different. Areas under high caution of wildfires, for instance, will certainly not allow fireworks to be shot off.

As a fireworks wholesaler, you will find that you will definitely experience a busy season. The month before the Fourth of July and a few weeks before New Years Eve are the fireworks wholesaler’s most busy times of the year. Encourage your customers to put in their orders early in anticipation of these events. That way, there is less of a chance that their orders will be backordered. As a fireworks wholesaler, you will most likely be able to offer your customers fireworks at almost half the price of what they would go for in stores or on roadside stands. This is possible if you work with the best dealers and if you focus solely on an online business model.