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Wedding Message For The Bride And Groom


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Traditional floral centerpieces can be expensive especially if you plan on having a large number of tables at the wedding reception. While floral arrangements have traditionally been the centerpiece of choice at many weddings there are many more original centerpiece ideas that are also very inexpensive. Depending on the theme and color scheme of the wedding, there are a variety of low cost options available.

A wedding with a light-hearted theme hosted by a fun loving couple might be a suitable opportunity to utilize candy to create festive centerpieces. Clear glass bowls can be filled with colorful candies such as jelly beans or M & Ms to create a lovely and very inexpensive centerpiece that reflects the personalities of the bride and groom. The candy and bowls can probably be purchased for a fraction of the price of floral centerpieces and create a lovely centerpiece that is easily assembled and can be enjoyed by all of the guests.

The bride and groom can also opt for silk floral arrangements if they are intent on having flowers as their centerpiece. Many hobby stores sell a wide variety of attractive artificial flowers that can be arranged by the bride and groom to create attractive centerpieces for the tables. Using fake flowers gives the couple more of an opportunity to express their creativity. The hobby store also likely sells inexpensive vases so the couple may be able to purchase everything they need for the centerpieces in one location. Arranging the flowers in a vase is nice but long stemmed flowers such as calla lilies also look very attractive tied with twine or ribbon and simply laid in the center of the table. The couple could either choose seasonal artificial flowers or artificial flowers that fit the theme of the wedding and arrange them in inexpensive vases or tie them with attractive ribbons to create inexpensive centerpieces for their wedding.

Another inexpensive option for a couple wishing to utilize flowers for their centerpieces is to use potted plants. You can find a multitude of inexpensive potted plants at home improvement stores, greenhouses, and even grocery stores. The couple can choose plants that match the other decorations for the wedding or that will stand out amongst the other decorations. These plants could be repotted into festive pots to create attractive centerpieces for a relatively low cost.

Balloons can be another option for a couple looking to have fun yet inexpensive centerpieces. Balloons are relatively inexpensive and can be easily found in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The couple could choose solid or print patterns that match the colors of the table linens. An extra tip for these centerpieces is to weigh down the balloons with a piece of candy. This will encourage each guest at the table to take home a balloon as a souvenir. With a typical centerpiece only one guest has the opportunity to take home the centerpiece but using balloons makes it possible for each guest to take home a part of the centerpiece.

Another inexpensive wedding table centerpiece is a picture frame in the shape of cube that allows the insertion of a photo into each side of the cube. The couple may choose to include pictures of themselves during their courting or they may wish to include pictures of them with the guests who will be sitting at that table. This is a great opportunity for the couple to express their individuality and share a little bit of themselves with their guests. Artfully arranged photographs create fun centerpieces that are also very inexpensive.

Candles also create a very attractive yet inexpensive centerpiece. The couple may choose to purchase many of the same candle or candles of varying shapes, sizes and colors to arrange on the tables. Candles of the same size, shape and color can be arranged in a uniform pattern to create a beautiful centerpiece. Candles that vary in size, shape and color can be placed at random on the table to create an eclectic appeal.

With a little bit of thought and creativity a couple can find centerpiece options that are affordable, attractive and well suited for the couple. The traditional centerpieces of floral arrangements can be boring and also extremely expensive. Utilizing creativity and ingenuity to create centerpieces that are an accurate representation of the taste of the couple often creates a more appealing centerpiece at a very affordable price requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 4:32:30 AM