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The location of the wedding is critical because it can play a key role in setting the mood for the wedding. There are a number or ways to choose a potential location for your wedding including choosing a location where you have previously attended a wedding, shopping around and visiting multiple venues and seeking suggestions from trusted friends or relatives. Once you have narrowed your choices down to a few options it is important to consider a few additional factors such as price, seating capacities and services available.

There may be a wide variety of suitable wedding venues available but you could greatly reduce the number of venues that you are required to visit by choosing only locations that come highly recommended from a trusted source. This will save you from having to visit every venue in town to determine whether or not it is an acceptable location. Seeking input from others can greatly reduce the amount of venues that you need to visit.

The location of your wedding can play a key role in the style of your wedding. Some couples opt for a ceremony at a church followed by a reception at a catering hall while others may wish to hold the ceremony outdoors but have a reception at an indoor location. Still others choose to hold both the ceremony and the reception at a catering hall. Whichever option you choose for your wedding it is important to ensure that the location you choose has all of the elements that you were seeking in a wedding location such as ambiance, seating capacity, a dance floor or anything else that you require.

Price is one of the most important considerations in choosing the perfect wedding location. There may be many locations where you wish to hold your wedding but if they are out of your price range you may have to eliminate them from your list if you are not able to successfully renegotiate the asking price. Whether you are being charged a price per guest or a flat fee for a set duration of time, if you simply cannot afford the location it is not right for your wedding. Fortunately most cities have a wide variety of options available so it is extremely likely that you will find a suitable venue that is within your price range.

Maximum occupancy is another important consideration when choosing the perfect wedding location. While you may really like the intimacy that a quaint location that seats only 50 guests affords, this is not a feasible option for a couple who has invited over 300 guests to their wedding. Likewise a large reception space that is capable of seating 500 people is not a good option for a couple who is planning a small wedding with only a handful of close friends and family members. It is important to choose a wedding location that is capable of accommodating the number of guests that you have invited without being large enough to accommodate almost twice as many people that you have invited. Choosing a venue that is either too small or too big is not feasible because a venue that is too small will be cramped and may not fit all of your guests while a venue that is too big will be a waste of money because large spaces often include a minimum number of guest required and you may wind up paying for more guest than you actually have in attendance.

The services that are offered may also factor into choosing a wedding location. Many catering halls may also have staff available to provide entertainment or floral designs. If you find a facility that is capable of either performing additional services or recommending service providers you might want to consider choosing this venue to eliminate the amount of services that you have to account for. Consolidating in any way possible can greatly reduce the effort that is required of you to complete you wedding planning.

Choosing the perfect location for your wedding may seem like an impossible task especially if you live in an area that has a number of options. Setting strict criteria for evaluating locations can save you a lot of time and effort. Only visiting venues that meet these criteria will greatly reduce the number of locations that you need to visit

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