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Sample Souvenir Messages

Invitation Composition For Who Is Hosting

One thing that the bride and groom should bear in mind for wedding invitation wording ideas is who will be hosting the event. In many cases, it is both the bride and groom who will be spending for the event which means that the invitation will have them inviting guests to their wedding and reception. For cases, where it is either the bride's family or the groom's family who will be hosting the event, it will state that "Mr. and Mrs. Jones seek the pleasure of your company for the wedding of their son…" or "Mr. and Mrs. Jones cordially invite you to the wedding of their daughter…"

This wedding invitation wording idea is to give due homage to the family or person paying for the event. It is usually the host or the family who is paying who is inviting the guests to the wedding. In cases where both the bride and the groom along with their families are paying, then the wedding invitation wording idea should be like this: "Jane Doe and John Doe along with their families would like to request the honour of your presence…"

There are also some wedding invitation wording ideas if one parent is deceased or if the parents of either the bride or groom are divorced. In the case of a deceased parent, it is alright to write down "the late Mr. Doe…" In the case of a divorced, both the parents' names will be written separately with their present names if they have remarried.

Spelling Of Words

It is customary for formal wedding invitations to follow the British spelling of certain words. This wedding invitation wording idea has been around for ages but this does not necessarily mean that you have to follow it. These wedding invitation wording ideas are just suggestions and ideas which you can consider. Examples of words that you can alter to British English are "favour" and "honour". You should also spell the words in full instead of writing them down partially. Examples are "street" for St. and also months and days. The same goes fopr the titles of the guests such as "Honourable" instead of Hon.

These are just a few wedding invitation wording ideas which you may find handy. You do not actually have to follow these wedding invitation wording ideas but they can be your guidelines regarding how to go about wording your invitations.