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Sample Souvenir Messages

If you have decided to tie the knot in a tropical paradise, you will want to announce your plans to all of your guests with the appropriate beach wedding invitation wording to alert all of your invitees to your special plans. By letting guests know that your ceremony will be outdoors, accompanied by the sand and surf, they will be able to plan appropriately from their choice of clothing to their choice of gift. But what is the best beach wedding invitation wording? Read on for tips to create a beautiful and memorable invitation to your seaside affair.

Add a Bit of Ambiance
It's not just about the beach wedding invitation wording when you are choosing cards for your wedding. You can go with invitations in the shape of starfish, flip flops or even a folding Adirondack chair. With themed invitations like this, it will be clear what type of wedding you are planning no matter what the beach wedding invitation wording states. However, you can also state in your text where the wedding will be held for good measure.

Traditional Invitations
Just because you are wedding at the beach, that doesn't mean you have to forgo the elegant simplicity of a traditional ceremony. You can even use traditional wedding invitation wording and embellish the invites with an embossed palm tree or seashells. Invitations like this can be quite lovely, and your beach wedding invitation wording can state the location for the ceremony. This way, you can make your plans known without sacrificing a degree of formality to do so.

Creative and Colorful
Most of us associate the tropical climate with bright colors and prints, and your wedding invitations can reflect that. If you want to get creative with your beach wedding invitation wording but aren't sure where to start, consider hiring the services of a writer or poet who can help you out with the task. This professional may be able to come up with the perfect rhyme for your beach wedding invitations wording that will set the tropical, fun tone for the day that all your guests are sure to look forward to.

If your reception will be held at a different location, make sure your beach wedding invitation wording acknowledges that. If the reception will immediately follow the ceremony, you can add that to the beach wedding invitation wording as well, with a short sentence at the bottom of the invitation. A beach wedding can be a fun occasion for all to attend, and your beach wedding invitation wording will set the tone for what is to come.