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A casual wedding can encompass many different things. It could be exchanging vows on a sandy beach while the waves lap softly upon the shore. It might involve an afternoon ceremony in a public park that sports a canopied gazebo and fountains gurgling in the distance. Maybe your casual ceremony takes place at the home of a friend or family member. If your wedding is shaping up to be less than traditional, let your guests know what to expect with the right casual wedding invitation wording.

First Things First
Before you begin getting creative with your casual wedding invitation wording, don't forget to include the important information that your guests will need to have to be able to attend your big day. This includes the names of both the bride and groom and the people who are officially hosting the celebration. While tradition states that the bride's family generally acts as host, today's hosts can mean anything from the groom's parents to the bride and groom themselves. It is also essential to add critical information to the casual wedding invitation wording like where the ceremony will be held, and the date and time of day. If most of your guests have never been to your chosen location, a map of the area would be a helpful thing to include with your casual wedding invitation wording.

Give a Head's Up
If you are planning to say, "I do" on a beach, make sure your beach wedding invitation wording makes your choice of locale absolutely clear. This allows your guests to choose the appropriate attire and make any necessary arrangements for the day. For example, a beach wedding that may take place in full sun may require the guests to don sunscreen and hats before attending your ceremony. A park wedding may mean rough terrain to get to and from the ceremony area, and guests will want to select the appropriate footwear for comfort and safety. Make sure to include this information in your casual wedding invitation wording so none of your invitees are caught by surprise.

What about the Reception?
If you are planning a reception in the same locale, your casual wedding invitation wording can add a sentence at the bottom that states, "Reception immediately following the service." If you will be celebrating at a different venue you can add a separate card to your casual wedding invitation wording that will give all the details. A response card is another nice touch that will give your guests the perfect opportunity to RSVP.

Casual wedding invitation wording can take some poetic license, but make sure the invite still serves its purpose. Get all the basic information into the casual wedding invitation wording that you need to tell guests exactly what to expect on your special day.

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