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Sample Baby Christening Giveaways Message

You have picked out the day, the place and the time. The guest list is finally finished and all that must be done now is the wedding invitations. When creating the wedding invitations, the wording is as important in today’s society as it was in generations past. Wedding invitation wording requires etiquette so you do not offend anyone while properly conveying the tone and information needed by your guests to ensure the day is enjoyed and memorable to all who attend.

Proper Wording Of Wedding Invitations

Wording using wedding invitation etiquette requires knowledge of the relationships and associations of those who you intend to invite. You would not wish to send an invitation to someone and their partner if the partner is no longer with them. You would also not use Mr. and Mrs. when addressing a same sex couple. Also, if you are inviting a person who is single it is proper to let them bring a date as a “guest”. In an effort to limit the amount of unannounced guests arriving, the words “and family” have lately been replaced, in the etiquette of wedding invitation wording, by “and guest”.

Use Of Formal Spelling and Grammar

Formal use of spelling and grammar is a throwback to the days of more formality where everything was spelled out in exact detail. Wording etiquette for wedding invitations requires that all places, streets, and numbers be spelled out completely. This includes “third” instead of 3rd; Street or Avenue instead of the abbreviations; also the times, dates, and year are written out completely without numbers. When numbers must be used, Roman numerals are the general rule. Also all names must be spelled out completely as well, and include middle names if known. This rule also applies to wedding invitation address etiquette.

When In Doubt, Go With The Formal Style

With all of the differences between informal and formal wedding invitations, it is sometimes difficult to decide how to convey the tone of the day. Etiquette for wedding invitation wording is made easier by following a more formal route. In this way you can create a more uniform message to your guests as to information and the type of celebration you are having. This also allows your guests to feel they are more a part of your wedding. It also tends to give a greater impression of thought in the process. Just remember, the more formal your wedding, invitation wording follows formal etiquette. Remember to double check everything before sending out any invitations.