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When sending out wedding invitations, you expect a response of some kind. Response etiquette to a wedding invitation has changed a great deal over the past half century from the very formal ways of past generations to the mostly informal means of today.

Brief History Of The Reply/Response Card

Did you know that at one time a formal handwritten letter was the proper response etiquette to a wedding invitation? Yes, and the reply card is relatively new as well as being considered an optional item in wedding invitations. For convenience and expedience response cards go along with most invitations today. Handwritten letters are not as common as they once were.

How To Ensure RSVP

So you have prepared the wedding invitations with the response cards. How do you know you will get answers back? And how do you know who is sending an RSVP? To make sure of proper wedding invitation response, etiquette and common sense go together. Make sure the RSVP makes it into the invitation with a stamp attached. If the guest forgets to sign the card, put a number on the back so that you can keep track of the guest name. If you chose not to use cards, simply state that “the favor of a reply is requested by (insert date)” on the announcement or invitation. Be sure to put contact information with this.

Formal Wedding Invitation Etiquette

The more formal invitation requires a more formal etiquette for a wedding invitation response. With the formal wedding invitations, you always use two envelopes; one is for the invitation itself and the other is for the reply. Formal invitations are always responded to using land mail. Formal wedding invitations also always use proper grammar and full spelling of all names, titles, places, and times. The address on the envelopes must be handwritten. You can ask for “hand canceled “ postage so that the look of the envelope is preserved when it arrives at its destination.

While the method of inviting someone to the wedding has changed, as well as the response method, the etiquette of wedding invitation responses has remained constant. Being passed down from generation to generation has made these guides part of the honored traditions that accompany weddings. This has also help to ensure the special effect and importance of the wedding day for most couples in today’s modern society. With all the care taken into the invitations, it should be noted that it is still proper etiquette to give response to a wedding invitation even if you can not attend.

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