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Many couples are going in for blank wedding invitations so that they can save money on their wedding preparations. Several cheap blank wedding invitations are available and it is easy for anybody to handle a project for blank invitations.


Naturally, blank invitations are easy to use. Even if the couple makes a choice of a cheap wedding invitation card, they have to wait till a proof copy is printed, and only then can they order the rest of the invitations. There are other obvious benefits of blank invitations, and the most obvious one is that the couple can personalize their invitations quickly and choose their own terms of style and wording on the wedding invitation. This is ideal for couples who do not want conventional events and want to remain unique and modern.

All couples today have access to sophisticated printers, which can create amazing invitations resembling the look of professionally printed wedding invitations. It is possible for many couples to create very attractive invitations which are perfectly suited to their celebration and costing much less.


For a cheap blank wedding invitation there are hundreds of different designs available. The cards can be of different shapes like slim, square, rectangular, or pocket fold which can be printed at home. The most popular colors are white and ivory, but the availability of blank invitations has diversified to shades of green chocolate, burgundy, black, red or blue.


The cheap blank wedding invitation paper could be just cardstock. If it is handmade paper, or metallics and vellum overlays, the cost of the invitation goes up. There can be designed motifs on the blank invitations like flowers, abstract patterns or any images related to wedding.

Cheap blank wedding invitations could also be some nontraditional types of wedding invitations which do not necessarily have wedding designs. For example, if the invitations are for a beach wedding, the couple can use beach party invitations.

The widest range of cheap blank wedding invitations and kits is available online through various retailers. Large discount stores offer them and some stores which sell office supplies or party material have a varied collection. The blank invitations are definitely much cheaper than the engraved invitations from a designer stationery firm. When creating your own invitations, the more extras you add to it, the cost of the invitation goes up. But at the same time, it is these extras like a pressed flower or an embossed seal, which add sophistication and beauty to the complete invitation.

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