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Wedding invitations are part of the initial stage of a wedding. These are sent out a few weeks before the wedding date in order for the guests to be made aware of the details of the wedding. There are different budgets for wedding invitations. For a wedding on a restricted budget, wedding invitation ideas also need to adhere to it. You also need to consider wedding invitation wording ideas for you invitations.

Home Made Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitation ideas are sometimes best done at home if there is a budget to consider. Some low budget wedding invitation ideas are about making the invitation personally without the need to hire professionals to do them. Printing your own wedding invitations can actually be done with the aid of a template and a great computer printer. The bride and groom can get wedding invitation ideas from relatives' and friends' input. Making your own invitations means that you control the budget for the printing cost and that of the envelopes cost. Another good idea is for you to satisfy your need to inject some of your personality into the invitations.

You can add ribbons or other stick-ons unto the wedding invitation to express oneself. If the theme of the wedding is a beach wedding, stickers or scrapbook stick-ons with a beach or ocean theme can be added. There are also some three dimensional stickers or stick-ons which can come in handy for these kinds of invitations.

Photo Wedding Invitation Ideas

One trend these days regarding wedding is to have a photo invitation. There are numerous wedding invitation ideas with regards to picture invitations. You can hire a professional photographer or just randomly take pictures of the two of you and go through them to be inspired with wedding invitation ideas. Wedding invitation ideas for photo invitations include taking pictures of the two of you in memorable places (first date, first meeting, where he proposed etc). You might also like to have a photo invitation with a sort of collage effect or a mosaic effect.

Some photo invitations may look informal compared to the traditional heavy paper invitations but the trend these days is more on expression than following tradition. Other wedding invitation ideas for photo invitations are to have the front photo framed or bordered. This gives it a more polished look compared to that of normal photographs with no border or frame at the sides.

There are a lot of wedding invitation ideas that one can get just by brainstorming with friends and relatives.

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