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Sample Baby Christening Giveaways Message

When you are planning a wedding shower for someone, you will want to think about her and how she would plan the party if it were herself. This way, you can get a fun, less traditional theme to go with for the shower (unless she likes traditional—then you can stick to that). And when you are planning the wedding shower invitation, wording is just as important as the style and design of the invitation.

Getting The Wedding Shower Invitation Wording Correct

The first step you will want to take in the wedding shower invitation wording is to get all of the vital information in order. You will need the bride’s name, the date and time of the wedding shower, and where it will be held. You will also need a contact person for the guests so that they can RSVP and ask any questions about directions. You can also include who will be hosting the shower, unless it is the bride herself.

And don’t think that you can just throw something together for an invitation—even if you are using a free printable bridal shower invitation. The bride will want to feel special. After all, the party will be celebrating her. This is why it is so important for the person who is hosting the party to get the wedding shower invitation wording just right.

The Little Necessary Extras

After you have the whole invitation put together, there will be some things that you may or may not want to add. Some people find it offensive to add information about the bridal registry within the actual wedding shower invitation wording, so you can have this information on a little card that is also put into the invitation envelope. Directions can also be added to the invitation this way, in case the shower will be located in a place many are not familiar with.

When The Invitations Need To Go Out

Wedding shower invitations should go out around one month prior to the event. This should give you a good timeline as to when you will need to have the wedding shower invitations prepared. A bridal shower is held usually between two weeks and just a few days from the wedding, so there will be a lot going on during that time. Take the shower time to relax and have fun with the bride one more time before her special day.