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It is not difficult to make a choice of a cheap wedding invitation card. There are several retailer stores offering wedding invitation cards, but you get the best choice by looking through the net. You can either personalize your wedding invitation card or you can choose from the special range of cheap wedding invitation cards which are available.

A Special Message

When you send a wedding invitation card to somebody, it means that you want to include this person in your celebration with other friends and family. You show through the card that you care about your guest’s presence and this is further emphasized by the kind of wedding invitation that you send. Use something creative and lovely that reflects your mood and the importance of the occasion for both of you.


The modern couple makes a choice of a cheap wedding invitation card , because of its design, its shape and the wording in the card. But many retailers offer unique cards with massive discounts. If you have a large number of invitation cards to be sent, you should look out for these discounts. At the same time, your invitation cared should be designed in such a way, that it conveys the news of your wedding beautifully. Choose the wording of the card carefully.


A wedding on a Caribbean island will naturally be different from a traditional church wedding. Hence the invitation should be in keeping with the ceremony. The invitation should provide the necessary information about the celebration, as well as the venue for the event. The way an invitation card is designed would indicate the style of the wedding. It should inform the guests about the suitable dress and the type of celebration that they can expect.

You can save on the cost of the paper and the design and have a cheap wedding invitation card. But the invitation introduces the wedding couple and tells the guests who is hosting the celebration. The date and time of the ceremony is also mentioned. Sometimes more detailed information is given like “no gifts please”, so that the guests do not have to worry about the present that they would have to buy for the couple.

Even though Sephora, Stylart and Carlson Craft have exclusive collections of wedding invitation cards, they also have good discount wedding invitation packages , and hence a cheap wedding invitation card can also be ordered from one of these famous retailers. The card generally contains two sets of envelopes, the inner envelopes and the outer envelopes. You can personalize cards with your names or monogram, though they may not fall under the category of cheap wedding invitation cards.