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When it comes to sending out the wedding invitations, there seems to be a rule of etiquette for everything. Address etiquette for a wedding invitation is no different. Listed below are four simple rules that ensure wedding invitation address etiquette is followed.

Do Not Use Abbreviations

Formal etiquette for wedding invitation addresses follows the old standard postal code when modernization was not the normal way of life. Here are a few simple tips to help guide you through addressing of wedding invitations:
Do not abbreviate anything. Use of “street” or “avenue” instead of their abbreviated versions is an old postal regulation that, while no longer required, is still used for formal invitations
Handwrite all addresses onto the invitation envelopes. This is another idea from the past which survives today to show careful thought and planning as to who is sharing in the wedding.
Clearly write numbers so that they are legible
Place the return address on the back of the outer card. This is another old postal style that has survived for use with invitations.

Always Confirm The Postal Code And Address

If possible, contact the person you are sending the invitation to so that you may confirm their street address and zip code. While it is becoming acceptable to send invitations through email or telephone, many people still feel proper etiquette is to address wedding invitations to a land address.

Always Include A Return Land Address

This is another simple etiquette for wedding invitation addresses. If you send out invitations via email, you will want to include a reply address for people who are not comfortable with email or their computer skills

Allow Time For The Mail

Allowing your guests time to plan and respond is a major etiquette for wedding invitations. Address mailing pieces and get them out at least six weeks before the date of the wedding. Eight weeks is a more acceptable time frame since guests may be coming from some distance away or may need to request time off well ahead of the day.

Following these four simple rules for wedding address invitation etiquette will help ensure that all of the proper etiquette for wedding invitations is followed. Also, with the use of these four rules of address etiquette, a wedding invitation is sure to reach guests in time thereby allowing for you to properly plan the space and other requirements for a comfortable and enjoyable reception. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 12:45:28 PM