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Homemade wedding invitations are becoming the trend these days. The rising cost of things can be one factor while another factor to this phenomenon can be the wish of the bride and groom to express themselves in their wedding invitation. There are a lot of homemade wedding invitation ideas and suggestions which can help cut the cost of the wedding. Among these homemade wedding invitation ideas are those that focus on personally made and designed invitation cards which show the interests and deep love of the couple. You can also base your wedding shower invitation ideas on the ideas you have for the wedding invitations.

Homemade Wedding Invitation Ideas For A Themed Wedding

A theme is something that usually colors and breathes life into an event. This can be your basis for the colors, designs, giveaways and other things that concern your wedding. There are many different themes that can give you homemade wedding invitation ideas which can help make your wedding more memorable. Themes can be anything from a color to a character or any object that can be the guide of the wedding.

Homemade wedding invitation ideas for a themed wedding can be putting the theme unto the wedding invitation or following a certain pattern for your wedding invitation which is reminiscent of the theme. A popular theme based on characters for weddings and also baptismal are the Precious Moments characters. These have the popular pastel colors and the sweetness that many associate with wedding and christenings. Other homemade wedding invitation ideas based on themes are colors which correspond with the shower invitations as well as the thank you cards and reception cards. Having a color for a theme can afford you a dream wedding made of the bride's or groom's favorite color or a combination of both.

Other relevant homemade wedding invitation ideas may concern how the invitation is worded. There is certain etiquette with regards to whose name should be mentioned first in the invitation as well as how to word invitations for couples with divorced or deceased parents. Other homemade wedding invitation ideas or suggestions are about how some people use the British English spelling of some words in the invitation. Writing down the complete title of a person is also one of the suggestions for etiquette when writing a homemade wedding invitation.

These homemade wedding invitation ideas and suggestions are basic guidelines that can be followed for the making of the invitation. These homemade wedding invitation ideas and suggestions are however, not the hard and fast rule when it comes to making homemade invitations.

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