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Butterfly Celebrations Are A 2007 Wedding Favors Winner
March 27th, 2017

A Beach Themed Wedding Includes Favors From The Shore

In 2007, wedding favors have come a long way from the inscribed matchbook and the tulle wrapped bags of rice. In planning your dream wedding, try to imagine all the special things that will make your wedding unique to the magical love that you share with your intended. You might discover that while the 2007 wedding favor market is overflowing with a variety of ideas, finding the perfect wedding favor for your wedding is proving to be much more difficult than you imagined. So, if you have decided against the tiny wedding cake shaped bubble jars, the Jordan Candy Coated Almonds and the inscribed golf tees, try a new idea. Butterfly celebrations wedding favors are a beautiful alternative. This beautiful wedding favor will leave a lasting impression in your memory and the memories of your guests?

The Beauty Of Nature Is Popular With The 2007 “Green” Wedding Favors Theme

Butterfly Celebrations is a unique celebratory favor that is intended for use at weddings, anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers and even funerals. The Butterfly Celebrations is the actual release of a live painted lady butterfly from an individual pyramid shaped box. The painted lady butterfly is 2.5 inches in size and is an amazingly beautiful insect. It is an amazing sight to experience a mass release of the painted lady butterflies.

How Easy Is A Butterfly Celebration?

Butterfly Celebrations is one of the easiest and most beautiful additions you can plan for your 2007 Wedding. Favors as original as this one are few and far between. If you are planning a celebration that you want to remain memorable for everyone that attends, the Butterfly Celebrations is the wedding favor for your 2007 event. The Butterfly Celebrations Company ships your requested number of chrysalis along with an additional 10% to insure that the total numbers of butterflies originally ordered are actually released. This precaution is just one of the many ways that Butterfly Celebrations insures customer satisfaction. Once the chrysalises arrive, each is gently placed into its pyramid box and there it will remain until the date of the release. For an order of 250 butterflies, the initial processing of chrysalis to pyramid takes approximately two hours. After that, the pyramids need only sit in one safe place until the time of the celebration.

When the time for release has come, a gentle tug on the pre-tied ribbon and the sky will be filled with the color and beauty of painted ladies butterflies. It is an amazing sight that will bring you and your guest’s many fond memories of your wedding celebration. This will soon prove to be the most popular wedding favor for 2007.