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I'm sure you've seen the cellular phone commercial, two customers are on cell phones and one says, 'Can you hear me now?' takes a step back and repeats, 'Can you hear me now?' While commercials like that make us laugh, the truth is that as telecommunications expand and include many different options, we must make sure that we are not exchanging flexibility for sound quality.

Today's telecommunication choices have expanded and continue to progress. We have moved from the standard telephone to the pager or beeper (which has become virtually obsolete) to the cell phone, and now that the world is going wireless, VoIP and VoWiFi are on the rise. Computer technology has explored every aspect of audio and video capabilities discovering mpegs and Codecs.

When it comes to VoIP and communication you can take some steps to make sure that you are obtaining the utmost in audio and voice quality.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is the application of transferring audio as data packets over the Internet and to a receiving computer or VoIP enabled device. You can use three different types of methods to communicate with VoIP. First, you can use your computer with an attached microphone and speakers. You also have the option of using a standard telephone, by connecting it to your broadband modem and your telephone. You can also use a VoIP enabled telephone.

Audio Codecs are used to transfer the audio sound into the data packet before it is sent over the Internet. Some voice Codecs are also referred to as Voice Coders or Voice Encoders. There are a few commonly used Codecs for VoIP. These are G.711, G.729, and ITU-T.

There are certain programs that you can use to check your bandwidth and help with any audio quality issues that you may be having. You can also upgrade to a higher audio codec, such as the G. 729 and see if that makes a difference.

Generally speaking, most people are amazed by the quality of VoIP. Audio issues are usually mild and simple to solve. Just upgrading Codecs can make a big difference.

We can expect that the future of VoIP telephony will increase and as it does, preparations will be made to ensure that only the highest quality will ultimately be produced. Some phones are now hybrids: half VoIP or VoWiFi and Cellular. For these phones audio quality is being looked at as an important factor in the design of the phone.

Major corporations are now taking an interest in designing VoWi Fi telephones. We can be sure that these large companies aren't going to skimp on audio quality. For certain, there are some properties that can't be changed, such as using a wireless VoIP phone in a place with bad reception. But for the overall product, voice quality is a priority when designing telephony equipment.

With so many companies taking an interest in VoIP, even Verizon has come out with their branded VoIP services, we can believe that in the next five years products will burst on the scene with many more enhanced features. Since VoIP utilizes the Internet, one can only imagine what type of futuristic VoIP phones will soon beset us.

While VoWiFi phones will only work outside in hotspot zones, you can rest assured that the quality of your VoWiFi phone will be exceptional when you are in 'the zone'.

Telecommunications are advancing every day, and more people are relying on the Internet for their audio and video communications. Instant messaging programs are embracing VoIP with open arms, and the everyday consumer is experiencing the power of integrated video, data, and audio. By using a simple web cam, microphone, and speakers, people are enjoying the freedom that is offered solely by VoIP. Users are learning that microphones, audio Codecs, and high-speed Internet connections can transmit in real time, and give a crystal clear sound.

Of course, one of the main components in high quality audio telecommunications is to have up to date equipment. You need to begin with a good soundboard on your computer, before you can expect high quality audio from your computer's speakers.

With the new millennium and its new telecommunications we can finally answer the question and say, 'Yes, I can hear you

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