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Viper Free Call

viper free call

Customers have been using PSTN telephones for over 100 years. Based on Circuit Switching, many people just aren't ready to make a change. It is the story of American history. Certain people refused to buy televisions, thriving on their Old Time Radio broadcasts, they never tried Cable television, and their homes are still without computers. Yet time goes on and with it, technology advances. Email has replaced the majority of letter writing, and now advancement has come to the standard landline telephone system.

Many people are embracing the new technology that VoIP has initiated and the many benefits that VoIP offers to everyday consumers. It is said that the Government has an estimated $65 billion dollars proposed for the year 2006 for VoIP migration. So, if VoIP is good enough for Uncle Sam, it must be good for you, right?

Well, there are many companies that are providing VoIP services and each plan varies, but overall, consumers are making the switch and asking themselves why they didn't make the switch sooner. For residential, home businesses, small and medium sized offices, and even business-to-business transactions; VoIP is proving to be the best method for telecommunications.

First, VoIP is cost effective. Most plans include unlimited local and long distance calling and currently, VoIP is not subject to the same taxations as applied to PSTN networks. Small businesses are currently taking advantage of the ability to have multi phones networked and integrated with their computer systems and applications. This saves on overall fees and increases productivity. Business-to Business systems are embracing VoIP technology as they switch to this infrastructure for their virtual call centers that can handle customer service needs worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With many companies choosing to outsource, VoIP provides the technology needed for overseas employees as well as creating more jobs for home workers. Many major corporations and companies have already made the switch to VoIP.

Second, residential homeowners are opting for VoIP as they advance with their computer skills. Computers are appearing in more American homes every day, and many people are already switching from slow dial up connections to blazing fast high-speed connections. Once they become familiar with the advantages broadband connections have, they may experience some basic VoIP for free. Instant messaging services now include free VoIP calls from one user to another and this opens the doorway for residential customers to experience VoIP technology. Yahoo Messenger has now added their new Messenger with Voice, where callers can experience VoIP from user to user.

Many people have used the early stages of VoIP over the past decade for free on the Internet; so many computer users who have experienced the technology have already made the switch.

For those who are new to the computer, commercials such as Vonage are helping to introduce them to VoIP technology and its advantages. Many people do prefer to switch because of the cost effectiveness, but for others, there are more reasons as well.

For small businesses, VoIP offers a host of features and services that are not available with PSTN. Things such as integrating fax, voice, and data can bring potential increase and productivity.

The quality of VoIP is very good as well and there is a lot of flexibility for users. One very substantial fact is that VoIP subscribers can take their phone number with them. The world is moving wireless, and with wireless networks and laptop computers, the ability to bring your phone number anywhere you have a High Speed Internet connection has amazing benefits.

For those who travel frequently with work, they can continue to be productive in their field. This has new potential to those in sales and other mobile employees. The overall cost for companies is down and communication is enhanced.

When it comes to features, VoIP offers many and they are frequently bundled in with your service package. Voice mail is not limited to your phone, but is typically accessible through the Internet with a control panel, as well as being downloaded to your email account. This is just one example of how VoIP integrates with other programs for greater productivity.

Now that you have a thorough understanding of the benefits of VoIP, I am sure that you will make the switch as well