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VoIP is the acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP is gaining momentum as a valid alternative to standard telephone service. It has many benefits, ranging from the fact that it is a cost effective way to handle your telecommunications needs to all of the features that are usually bundled with your service at no additional cost.

Not only are residential customers turning to VoIP for their telephone needs, but many businesses are opting for VoIP for their preference of choice as well. Residential consumers appreciate the fact that they can save money on their long distance bills and reduce the amount of tax paid, and businesses love the advantage they have by using integrated VoIP software applications. The cost of setting up a small business or call center with VoIP is tremendously cost effective when compared to wiring and installing a landline system.

VoIP provides users with more flexibility and freedom. To use VoIP you will need a high Speed Internet connection, a computer, speakers or microphones, or a VoIP enabled phone.

For residential users, many people prefer to use the VoIP phone adapter. This will enable them to use their standard telephones with their VoIP service. You can even connect cordless phones to your VoIP phone adapter.

Depending on the nature of a business, selection of a business VoIP phone will vary. For some applications, a desktop convergence phone will be required. Possibly a multi lined phone may be needed for VoIP business transactions. Or simply, agents will use headsets and microphones attached to their computers. Options are plentiful and every day, programmers are creating new services, products, and phones.

Wi Fi is the acronym used for Wireless Fidelity. Wireless Fidelity is the technology used to create wireless networks. Equipment and devices such as laptops and PDAs are examples of devices that can operate on wireless networks. A wireless network operates on radio signals. Access points are maintained and when your wireless device comes in range of the access point, your connection will be made and you will be able to log on to the Internet. Wireless Fidelity has met VoIP and the result is VoWiFi. This, as you can imagine, stands for Voice over Wireless Fidelity and is another way of saying wireless VoIP phones. Just as VoIP has proven to be a competitive force for the telephone companies, VoWiFi appears that it will give cellular service a run for its money in upcoming years.

Right now, there are many critical issues that beset VoWiFi, yet that hasn't stopped die-hard tech users from experiencing and enjoying this new technology. There are a limited amount of VoWiFi phones available on the market, but if you are determined to try this service, you will be able to find one.

A VoWiFi phone will operate as long as you first have VoIP services enabled. Then simply take your phone into one of the 'access points' otherwise known as 'hotspots' and watch your VoWiFi phone make a connection and allow you to make unlimited free long distance calls, all while going mobile.

Along with the innovation of VoWiFi phones, there are some other phones on the market and still in development phase that incorporate both VoWiFi and Cellular service. Cellular service is known to charge 'roaming charges' when you leave the network's range. By using a Hybrid- half cellular; half VoWiFi, you can take advantage of 'hotspots' instead of incurring roaming charges. Hybrid users say that they have found this to be incredibly beneficial and cost effective.

Currently in production are Hybrid and VoWiFi phones from makers such as Vonage, Verizon, and Cingular. Currently Cingular does offer a WiFi plan and phone. These phones are currently in market use in Japan and are expected to really hit American consumers during the years 2006-2007. Another factor concerning the development of WiFi phones is the need for more available hotspots. It is believed that when VoWiFi bursts on the American market scene, Fortune 500 companies and other big businesses will first utilize it.

Though it is still relatively early to run to your nearest cellular phone store and request VoWiFi, if you are technologically inclined and determined, you can make it happen. As for the rest of us, time will tell when we will be able to access VoWiFi and all of its associated products in all of their glory

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