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The world is going wireless. From computers to telephones, people are losing the plugs. Geniuses from Einstein and Tesla saw that one day the world would be without wires, many thought they were mad, but in this new millennium people are opting for hotspots rather than being bound by cord and outlet.

As people continue to increase in mobility, the need for wireless technology continues to advance. Computers are portable, telephones are cellular, and now VoIP is enabling a whole new breed of wireless gadgets.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is the use of transmitting Packets (data filled information) over the Internet. VoIP can be in a location with a broadband modem or it can be wireless by the integration of a wireless local area network, and applicable networking card.

Wireless technology or WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) is set up by the use of networks and access points. A wireless enabled device can access the Internet when it picks up the network signal. This works like radio signals. The networks have established access points. A hotspot is an area where there is an access point. It is possible for wireless users to basically 'jump' from hotspot to hotspot and utilize various networks access points. This is known as lily padding and is a main method for maintaining a wireless connection. There are still major security issues that need to be worked out regarding security. Due to the fact that people can jump from hotspot to hotspot this leads to a vital need for stricter security rules and regulations.

The combination of Wireless and VoIP has led to another invention-VoWiFi. VoWiFi stands for Voice over Wireless Fidelity. VoWiFi has also produced the new VoWiFi phones. These phones operate like cell phones, only they use VoIP technology, (transmit over the Internet) and are wireless, operating in various hotspots. Other major telephone companies are embracing VoWiFi technology. Currently Cingular has a VoWiFi plan available. Though this technology is still relatively new, we can expect to see a great increase in both products and service providers in the next coming years.

People need wireless technology. They need to conduct meetings while being mobile, to be able to stay in touch with clients, customers, employees, and employers. The technological community is addressing these needs as quickly as they can. It seems that technology is developing faster than people can keep up with it, and definitely faster than it can be regulated.

A new phone that is currently on the market, yet still in it's early developmental stage is the Hybrid. The Hybrid phone is a cross between cellular and VoWiFi. The advantage that a Hybrid phone has, is that it can work in your network calling range as a cell phone, and then, if you leave your range, you can avoid roaming charges by accessing a VoWiFi hotspot. This saves considerable amounts of fees. There are no roaming fees involved with VoWiFi and the Hybrid phone can pick up where the other leaves off. It is the temporary solution to two technologies that both have some kinks to work out.

This is just one example of how the advances made in wireless technology are creating a host of new products. Currently Verizon is said to be developing a VoWiFi phone, and many major telephone companies are looking at WiFi as the direction of the future. Service providers who have dealt with one infrastructure for decades are now beginning to realize that technology is changing not only the future, but also the need for the products they have specialized in.

We can also expect to see many more access points opening up nationwide. Currently you can visit various websites and enter in your location or location of interest and find access points or hotspots.

With the culmination of VoIP and wireless technology the future remains a technological mystery filled with excitement and awe of things to come. As business needs continue to place a demand on more secure based wireless devices, new products will emerge that will confidently meet the requirements of the consumer. Another area of great interest to the wireless future is the prevention of viruses, Trojans, and worms from contaminating the wireless network and halting communications. Security remains the number one concern for those building a wireless world

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