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Telecharger Viber Phone Call Pour Pc

The world is talking to each other. Communications are on the rise, and VoIP is leading the revolution. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology used to transmit voice or audio files over the Internet. Using what is known as the Packet Switching Network, audio is transmitted over the Internet and then received by a computer, VoIP phone, or standard telephone. This is in contrast to Circuit Switching networks- the network used for the Public Switched Telephone Network (the standard telephone system) that people have used for nearly 100 years.

VoIP has many advantages compared to PSTN the first is cost. VoIP is less expensive than the price of PSTN telephone services. And to make things even better, many Instant Messaging programs are now incorporating the technology of VoIP and are providing free calls anywhere in the world. That's right- free calls-anytime- anyplace. All that is needed is an up to date computer, a high-speed Internet connection, speakers, a microphone, and the same Instant Messaging program. Of course, the person you are speaking with will need the same things and of course, the same Internet Messaging program. This is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family for free. When VoIP first hit the Internet in the late 90's there were countless programs that would let users make free, worldwide PC to Phone calls. Many of these services have either disappeared or are now on a 'monthly service' basis. If you are looking for a free way to speak to the planet, Instant Messaging from Pc to Pc is your best choice. Some of the major Instant Messaging programs that allow for free worldwide phone calls include Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AOL, MSN, Wavigo, Babble, I Connect Here, Microsoft Net Meeting, V Buzzer, Glo Phone, and Buddy Talk. As VoIP continues to take the world by storm, we can confidently trust our Pc-to-Pc instant messaging programs to deliver high quality unlimited phone calls worldwide.

It isn't just friends and family who are utilizing the benefits of VoIP Instant Messaging. For many businesses, these programs are a requirement. They are an excellent way to provide conference calls or training with a large group of people, across the globe, in real time.

Business owners, Employers, and Employees are all embracing the power of VoIP. Not only is it cost effective, but also it is uniting workers around the globe and allowing them to communicate in real time, and with integrated applications.

Employers have discovered that VoIP and free Instant Messaging can encourage workers world wide to call in and attend a conference session; they may have otherwise opted out of due to high cellular or landline phone costs. This helps global workers to stay in touch with their headquarters, fellow employees, and increases productivity and reduces business expenses such as cellular charges, video and web conferencing expenses, and long distance rates.

VoIP is also good for the employer or business owner who is looking for a cost efficient method for networking a building or office. With VoIP you cut out the expense of rewiring a building. Many networks are created with wireless technology and the results have been phenomenal. Due to this, VoIP has become the number one preferred method for businesses and their telecommunication needs.

Businesses and Call centers are opting for VoIP and its global applications. Outsourcing is made relatively simple by the power of VoIP. Agents can be hired across the globe, and can work in different time zones, allowing businesses to save even more in the area of labor. This also opens the door for more home workers, reducing the costs of office space.

Mobile employees also benefit from VoIP. They and their employers are saving money on cellular phone rates, and productivity increases when the switch to VoIP is made. Mobile employees can take their work phone number with them anywhere around the world. All that is needed is a High Speed Internet connection, a telephony adapter, and a telephone. This enables employees to stay productive, answering client's calls on the same phone number, and the physical location of the employee can be anywhere in the world. And the greatest advantage- there are no roaming charges when using VoIP


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