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VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology used to transmit voice or audio files over the Internet. Using what is known as the Packet Switching Network, audio is transmitted over the Internet and then received by a computer, VoIP phone, or standard telephone. This is in contrast to Circuit Switching networks- the network used for the Public Switched Telephone Network (the standard telephone system) that people have used for nearly 100 years.

VoIP has many advantages compared to PSTN; primarily the number one advantage is that VoIP is considerably less expensive than other networks. Many Instant Messaging programs are now incorporating the technology of VoIP and are providing free calls anywhere in the world. The only requirement is that the other user has a computer, high speed Internet, speakers, a microphone, and the same Instant Messaging program. These Instant Messaging programs have many advantages. The first advantage is that they are absolutely free.

Many people are taking advantage of this opportunity to speak with friends and loved ones worldwide, without time limits, absolutely free of charge. Instant Messaging programs such as AOL Instant Messaging, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and now even Google has released their new Beta version Instant Messaging with VoIP.

Many users love VoIP for its ability to integrate telecommunication services such as Email, Audio, Video, and Web applications into one program. This again is exemplified with the Instant Messaging programs. While talking on VoIP enabled services, users can continue to surf the web, read and write email, and send video with their web cameras or digital cameras. All of this takes place by the power of the Internet and simultaneously. This offers amazing advantages for businesses as well.

VoIP is gaining reputation as a replacement for the PSTN network. In fact, many PSTN networks are recognizing the value of VoIP and are offering VoIP plans to their customers. Sprint, Verizon, and even Cingular wireless are all including VoIP services. The next few years will bring a vast increase of VoIP services and products.

VoIP telephone service providers are increasing in popularity as well. Many people are discovering all of the benefits available to them by switching to VoIP. First, VoIP costs significantly less than standard telephone service, and this is a great attraction for bringing in new customers. Many VoIP service plans will let you make unlimited long distance calls or provide you with a plan for very inexpensive rates.

Many people prefer a VoIP service plan compared to a standard telephone plan for several reasons.

First, many of the bells and whistles often provided for a charge with standard phone companies are typically free with a VoIP unlimited long distance and local calling plan.

These services include Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding and Call Transfer. You will need to check with individual VoIP service providers for an exact listing of detailed services and features offered.

Again, long distance calls are usually unlimited and a check with various service providers will let you know which countries you may call for either free or significantly low rates. There are currently no tax fees involved with VoIP services and no roaming charges when using mobile VoIP Wireless as well.

Businesses embrace the savings by removing wires from their offices and replacing them with VoIP and High Speed Internet. Many businesses prefer transacting their audio over the Internet for a multitude of reasons. First, it is cost effective, second it provides greater flexibility and freedom, and third businesses can integrate their audio, video, Email, and Web applications and increase productivity and enhance their customer service- all while saving money.

Call centers utilize VoIP and are now establishing virtual call centers worldwide. This gives employers the ability to outsource to other countries, saving them money, and allows them the freedom to hire workers in different time zones. In return this creates virtual call centers equipped with agents who can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Flexibility increases as employees can utilize features such as Interactive Voice Response and Desktop Telephony Integration. Mobile employees also benefit from VoIP services as VoIP is applicable anywhere that there is a High Speed Internet connection

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