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Sign Up Viber Talk For Pc To Pc

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is the technology that is used to incorporate the transmission of audio over the Internet in the form of packets. This is in contrast to the PSTN or the Public Switched Telephone Network- the telephone network we have all come to know and rely upon for the past century. The very nature of VoIP and PSTN are completely different and the future appears to show that more people will be switching from PSTN to VoIP.

VoIP began on the Internet and Pc-to-Pc messaging is still a great way to experience VoIP. There are many different instant-messaging programs that are available for free and will allow you to speak with another user, anywhere world wide, absolutely free and for an unlimited amount of time.

You will need a high speed Internet connection, up to date computer, mouse, speakers, and a microphone to fully experience VoIP Pc to Pc calls. Your receiver will also need these things and will need to install the same program that you have already installed.

Here is a list of major Instant Messaging Programs that allow free Pc-to-Pc VoIP calls.

Yahoo Messenger






I Connect Here

Glo Phone

3 W Tel

Buddy Talk


Rhino Bell

Terra Call

V Buzzer

Microsoft Net Meeting

When VoIP services first sprang up over the Internet, many of the programs allowed for free PC to Phone calls. Now, there are virtually none of these programs available for free. If you would like to talk with your friends and family, via free Pc-to-Pc calls, you should download one of the above messengers. Many of these will allow for Pc-to-Phone calls, however it will cost you a small monthly fee. If you would like to stay with the free long-distance services, just have your friends and family members download the Internet program of your choice, and you will be able to continue to make free Pc-to-Pc calls.

If you become tired of Pc-to-Pc calling, you can easily upgrade to one of the VoIP service providers. Not all of the providers mentioned above do provide pc-to-phone services however. You will need to research and compare the programs to determine the one that best meets your needs.

Of the programs mentioned above, they all have different features and settings. For instance, some may allow you to receive Voice Mail-others may not.

Most computers come with Net Meeting pre installed. Net meeting will allow users to conduct Pc-to-Pc calls, absolutely free.

Pc-to-Pc calls are helping people become familiar with VoIP. Though some may continue to use their Pc-to-Pc messengers, others may want to make the next step to a VoIP service provider. VoIP service providers offer many benefits. Some of the Pc-to-Pc service providers offer features such as conferencing, video conferencing with digital camera and web camera, Voice Mail to Email services.

Many people are opting for VoIP services these days, due to the fact that there are many benefits with VoIP that are free as opposed to paying for the same services with PSTN telephone networks.

Pc-to-Pc calling is an excellent way to communicate with friends free of charge. The ability to call anywhere in the world and to speak as long as you like is a rarity and a wonderful privilege that has been reserved for this generation. As people continue to look ahead to see what new technology will be on the market, we can rest assured that free pc to phone services are most likely not going to come back. Until then, users can enjoy the unlimited services of Pc-to-Pc calls.

Thanks to VoIP, technology is continually advancing and great new products are continually being unveiled. Skype is about to release their new VoWiFi phone, and people are eagerly awaiting this new technology. Though VoIP service providers continue to charge, and it doesn't look like Pc-to-Phone service is going to miraculously become free tomorrow, it seems most likely that Pc-to-Pc calls will remain free. Millions of people are signing up for, and using VoIP services. Products are being created and designed daily. Truly, VoIP is the Voice of the Future