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As technology continues to advance, telephones are gaining intelligence and are now referred to as ''. are mobile devices that can perform other functions, including storing personal information. When mobile phones combine with PDAs your telephone is smart. A PDA is a Personal Digital Assistant or Palmtops. The majority of cellular phones on the market today are classified as . are capable of being upgraded to perform other tasks. Many can handle things such as playing Media such as Mp3's, Audio recording, can work as a digital camera, web camera, calculator, a video game console, a cell phone, digital photo viewer, and a remote control.

Now new technology is about to unveil a new application with , the VoIP or VoWiFi . The plan for the future is to enable with the ability to pick up wireless connections at various hotspots. Though this technology is new, it is already gaining popularity and customers eagerly wait for its arrival.

VoIP has already taken the world by storm and customers everywhere are turning off the landlines and communicating over the Internet. Many Instant Messaging programs have turned to VoIP and users worldwide are finally experiencing the power of VoIP for themselves. Programs such as Yahoo Voice, MSN, AOL, ICQ, and even Google's new instant messaging service are all equipped with voice. By using your computer, a High Speed Internet Connection, a Microphone, and speakers, users can communicate for unlimited pc-to-pc calls worldwide.

Skype was one of the earliest Instant Messengers that enabled VoIP free pc-to-pc calls. Now, Skype is making headlines again as it prepares for the unveiling of the Skype integrated VoIP Smartphone.

VoIP has become widely accepted and consumers everywhere are opting for the freedom, flexibility, and cost efficiency by switching to VoIP. Wireless technology has joined with VoIP, and the future points to a wireless VoIP phone. These phones are known as VoWiFi. VoWiFi stands for Voice Over Wireless Fidelity. It means a Voice over wireless Internet connection.

Though there are still many issues and concerns regarding VoIP and wireless technology, the two are gaining momentum in both popularity and demand. People want smart products. Cell phones are already serving as dual video cameras, are capable of browsing the Internet, and can record music, video, and play computer games. There is no reason to expect that as WiFi becomes increasingly popular that WiFi phones won't be equally, if not more as smart.

The Skype Smartphone is currently designed to work absolutely free between Skype users, and possibly will be free in various hotspots, though this can't be positively defined.

VoIP has faced many challenges and obstacles and is currently undergoing rules and regulations by the FCC. Issues such as 911 and the ability to trace VoIP calls are making headline news. What the future has in store for VoIP and VoWiFi can't be determined but the fact that major corporations are preparing their services and developing products point to the fact that they expect VoIP and WiFi are here to stay.

Certain security features need to be addressed and wireless networks will need to assure consumers that their information will remain in highest security before the world is ready to abandon itself fully to wireless, but many people are already enjoying the cost savings from using VoWiFi phones in various hotspots. Right now, there are no roaming charges applicable to WiFi and Cellular users will embrace this savings with open arms.

Wireless is also the future of American business solutions. Along with , VoWiFi, and new wireless security, services, and products, Americans are eagerly expecting VoIP and wireless to hit the consumer market full force.

As we wait on new products and services, we can begin to explore the infant stages of what this technology has to offer. Cingular has already begun their VoWiFi service and phones, and new access spots are sprouting daily. Before wireless can really take the plugs out of the world, consumers will need to be assured that their data, phone calls, and E-mails will be absolutely safe. This includes upgrading security protection against viruses, Trojans, and worms, which could potentially infect wireless systems and the future of wireless VoWiFi

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