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What Valentine’s Day Is All About
May 29th, 2017

Choosing A Last Minute Valentines Gift

Today Valentines Day is a day that we share with the people we love. Couples go out to dinner, men buy their significant others flowers, and the chocolate industry gets a huge boost in sales. But there is a history behind this holiday that many people do not even know. So before you spend your money to show your love, make sure that you really understand the meaning behind the holiday.

How It Started

Valentines Day is known by some as Saint Valentine’s Day as it is named after St. Valentine. Celebrated on February 14th, most people celebrate this holiday by sending flowers, candy, cards, and other gifts to their loved ones. People go out to dinner and to movies or shows.

But how did Valentines Day even come to be? In the mid eighteen hundreds was when the first Valentines Day cards were printed, people started sending Valentine’s Day cards, and the first news articles about Valentine’s Day was printed. This is the time when the idea of romantic love was starting to take hold. Instead of most, if not all, marriages being for convenience, people were finally focusing on how they felt emotionally. And because of this, a holiday like Valentines Day was very well received.

What It Is Today

Today Valentines Day is vastly different than it was years ago. Back then, cards and letters showed one’s love. Today, people are forced to perform near acts of heroism on Valentines Day in order to show their love. Some people take vacations for the holiday while others spend thousands of dollars on their loved one. Some take the whole day off of work to plan a special and extravagant day of love.

For the average individual, a simple Valentines gift is sufficient. Many spend months searching for the perfect gift for their loved one. Popular gifts for women are jewelry and tickets to shows. Popular gifts for men are watches, ties, and tickets to sporting events.

For the most part, Valentines Day is a pretty low key holiday. But if you expect something different from your significant other, make sure to tell him or her. Valentines Day can easily turn into a day of stress and confusion. You may be expecting some grandiose gesture and your significant other only takes you out to dinner. Make sure to talk to your significant other before the holiday so that you are both on the same page and can enjoy this holiday of love.