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Backpack Vacuum Cleaners – A Great Way To
March 30th, 2017

Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaners – What You See in the Dust Bin

Clean While You Walk

Backpack vacuum cleaners are similar to canister vacuums but are designed to rest on a user’s back. Outfitted with waist and shoulder straps to hold the vacuum in place, the backpack vacuum enables the user to move about easily. At the bottom of the backpack vacuum is the heaviest component, the motor, which by its gravitational design, ensures that the user will have a good sense of balance. Since the backpack vacuum is closely fitted to the body, it has built-in components that dampen its sound, as well as cooling mechanisms to protect and provide safety to the user. Most backpack vacuum cleaners ergonomically curve to the user’s back in order to evenly distribute its weight on the user’s hips as well as hang comfortably from the user’s shoulders.

Backpack vacuum cleaners have more advantages than upright or traditional canister vacuums. There is less stress on the body while using a backpack vacuum. Because the user is walking and cleaning at the same time, they are quite efficient because more surface area is vacuumed in a shorter period of time.

Common Uses for Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Backpack vacuum cleaners are ideal for areas that are difficult to reach and they provide the user with additional mobility.

There are a number of places where using backpack vacuum cleaners are commonplace, such as movie theaters. Aisle cleanup and cleaning beneath theater seats is much easier with a backpack vacuum.

Trains, buses and subways are places where backpack vacuum cleaners allow maximum user mobility.

Classroom cleaning is also easier using backpack vacuum cleaners to get underneath and around student’s chairs and desks.

The use of backpack vacuums is perfect for airplanes, since airplane aisles are typically narrow and their carpeting is a common area well-worn by travelers. Also, they are perfect for trash pickup, and cleaning underneath, around and in-between seats.

Hallways are easier to vacuum with a backpack vacuum since the user can clean without having to drag or push a vacuum.

Backpack vacuum cleaners are best for cleaning around pews in churches and synagogues. Cleaning shelving is a breeze using a backpack vacuum with the right extensions. The user can reach even the most difficult spots on shelves.

As stairs are always a challenge to clean, with the backpack vacuum, ease of mobility is far superior to any of vacuum cleaning method. In addition, using a backpack vacuum is easier than moving a cumbersome machine up or down a set of stairs.