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April 29th, 2017

Why the Beach Can Be a Great and Cheap Vacation Option

It seems that one of the major unknowable travel costs is food. You have to eat, but it’s impossible to know where the next meal will come from, especially on a road trip. It’s not that food is hard to find on the road. It is readily available everywhere you turn. The hard thing to know is what it will cost when it’s all added up in the end. It can also be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits while traveling and our ability to enjoy ourselves therefore suffers. If you are traveling on a budget and you still want to make good food choices, these tips will help you save money while still eating well on the road.

1. Experience Some Local Color

When you arrive in a new city and it’s time for lunch, don’t just stop at a chain restaurant that you recognize. To get better prices, try out a local business for your meal. The local restaurants are able to charge less because they advertise less than nationally known restaurants. They also have more options for ordering in their food so they can do better with overhead. Besides the cost though, trying out a local restaurant will more often than not give you a reason to come back to the city you’ve visited.

2. Pack Your Lunch

When you are starting out on your trip, bring a sandwich, some crackers and a bottle of juice. You already have all of the ingredients to make yourself a nutritious lunch so you can avoid the quick fast food stop and the greasy airport food. You won’t regret having something to munch when you’ve been on the road for a little while. If you are traveling with friends, you may want to bring a little extra to share.

3. Grocery Stores

Another great way to make sure you are getting good nutrition for a low cost on the road is to stop at a grocery store. For a couple of dollars you can get a piece of fruit, a bottle of water, a roll and some cheese. There are many more options than that at a grocery store too. Fresh produce is a luxury while traveling. Things like granola bars are good to keep in the car or your back pack for unforeseen snacking needs. There’s plenty of ready to eat food at prices that restaurants cannot compete with.

4. Split Plates

Vacation is the ideal time to start sharing plates with a companion. Restaurants almost always serve up too much food for a single person to comfortably eat. Since you can’t take a doggy bag on the road anyway, split the dinner. You’ll save yourself some money, and probably a stomachache. Who knows? You may even decide that you’ve got room and money enough for dessert every once in awhile.

5. Drink Water

A final great way to save money on the road is to order water when you are out to eat. It will cut down on your ticket quite a bit to eliminate the drink cost. Also, it is easy to get dehydrated while you are traveling and away from your normal routine of getting a drink now and then. Getting water into your system is a good idea whenever you have the chance. Since bottled water is expensive, order water at the restaurant and refill your bottle for the road while you are there.

Food is a major traveling cost. Since it is hard to budget accurately for what you will need to eat on the road, follow the simple guidelines above. Doing so will help you spend a less expensive vacation. While you are saving money on food, you will also be making good choices to make your trip more enjoyable. You will feel better if you eat healthier.