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Avoiding Extreme Temperatures For Tooth Aches
May 29th, 2017

Keep Your Head up to Relieve a Toothache

One of the most painful things that we can experience is a toothache. The unfortunate thing is, they don't generally give us a lot of warning before they decide to flare up and it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them, once they begin. Of course, there are times whenever we will need to go to a dentist in order to get rid of the toothache if the tooth has died but there are a number of times whenever we may be able to treat the problem at home. Here is how temperature can help you and how it can hurt you whenever you have a toothache.

One of the first things that you will probably discover is that it is a good idea for you to avoid temperature extremes whenever you have a toothache. This is especially the case if your teeth tend to be sensitive, and cold or hot inside of the mouth may make the toothache a little bit worse. It may dull it to a certain extent, but whenever you are sensitive like that, it will generally come back with a vengeance. It is a better idea for you to try foods and drinks that are lukewarm or perhaps room temperature until the toothache has subsided.

Some people have actually received some relief, however, by temperature extremes. Some of the more extreme methods of removing the toothache or dulling it are chewing on ice or filling the mouth with cold water. This is not generally something that I would recommend, but if you're not necessarily sensitive to cold, it certainly can help. Ice and cold water do have a soothing effect that can take away pain temporarily. If you're able to do this every half hour, you might actually be able to experience some decent relief from the toothache that you have been feeling.

Finally, you may want to try applying cold and hot compresses to the area of the face that is affected. Instead of putting these inside of the mouth, simply hold the cold compress on the cheek directly outside of where the toothache is occurring. Some people only use cold, while other people use warm compresses. I find that by alternating between cold and hot, you're able to effectively numb the area and to get rid of the toothache on a temporary basis. Although this is not a permanent cure, it is something that can help you to endure the pain until it is gone.