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Toddler Red Hot One Side Cheek


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A baby teething toy is a toy that is given to a teething baby. A teething baby is one whose first tooth is about to come out. The teething experience can be very agitating for babies because they undergo a lot of stress due to the inflammation of the gums, and some bacteria that they may have picked up from the various random objects they put in their mouths, including any baby teething toy that may have been dropped to the ground.

Some parents also feel some trepidation when their baby shows signs of baby teething. This is because there are many stories and accounts where babies are pictured as crying, fretful beings who do not let up their stream of tears and try to chew on anything within their grasp. In reality, the babies experience the soreness of swollen gums that are being pushed by the about to erupt tooth.

Tips For A Baby Teething Toy

Using a baby teething toy can be a big advantage over not using anything at all. Most of the baby teething toys that are being used today have the cooling feature where they can be put in the freezer to cool, giving the baby relief from the soreness of swollen gums. The coldness of the freezer fresh baby teething toy helps to relieve the painful gums and the parents can see the baby try to practically rub the teething toy on their aggrieved gums.

The pliability of the soft but firm toy is also a boon for the baby's gums. It gives the baby something solid but soft to chew on that will not break or damage the gums. Parents should always check the baby teething toy for damage, cracks or leaks. The water inside is treated to prevent molds or other bacteria from multiplying so it is not advisable to use damaged toys for the teething baby, lest the treated water is ingested.

There are also some things to expect from a teething baby that parents should be aware of. Teething babies may be cranky which is why it is important to watch for flying baby teething toys. Some babies get frustrated when the coldness disappears which is why they throw away the baby teething toy. Some baby teething toys are not easy to clean since there are some with bumps and ridges to help alleviate the soreness of swollen gums. Some brushing with a fine but firm brush may be necessary.

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