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Teething is a major milestone in baby’s development, and some babies are severely affected by its symptoms, while others do not experience much pain. As teeth start making their way through the gums, the movement in the developing jaw bone causes the pain. Some teeth come easily, while others can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

Some Common Baby Teething Symptoms

Teething usually begins around six months of age, but some babies start showing the baby teething symptoms as early as three months of age, while others start the process by the time they are almost a year old.

Baby teething symptoms are quite varied, but there are some common symptoms such as raised temperature, reddened gums, reddened cheeks, poor appetite, excessive dribbling, chewing, irritability and restlessness. Some babies also suffer from diarrhea and fever, but there is no research to prove the correlation.

Bulging gums is a common baby teething symptom, and parents can see the outline of the teeth bulging inside the gums. Low grade fever is quite a common baby teething symptom, but if the fever is high, consult the pediatrician as there might be some other cause, such as infection. However, most experts feel that teething does not cause fever.

During teething, swelling and soreness in gums make some babies fussier than usual. The usual baby teething symptoms normally begin 3-4 days before the tooth shows, and disappear as soon as tooth comes out of the skin. Babies also like to bite on their toys or fingers, as it helps them relieve the gum pressure. Drooling is also a common baby teething symptom, and it may cause rashes on their face, chest or chin.

Getting Relief From Baby Teething Symptoms

If the baby is extremely unsettled and cranky, give a mild pain reliever labeled for the specific age. Do not give Aspirin to anyone less than 20 years, as it has been linked to a rare but serious disease called Reye’s syndrome. You can also use a cold teething ring or your clean finger to gently rub the gums for about two minutes, as it can be very soothing for the babies. Give any safe object for your baby to chew on, such as a teething ring. Though, many parents use teething gels to relieve some infant teething symptoms, experts question the safety of these products.

Teething is a tough phase for the baby, as well as for parents. But with a little care and use of appropriate techniques, the process becomes easier. Do not get frustrated or irritated, as your child needs you during this time.

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