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Toddler Red Hot One Side Cheek


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There are many milestones for the baby's first year that many parents are excited to see and experience. One of these milestones is teething. Strange as it may seem, many parents both anticipate and dread this event. The signs of baby teething are sure to set about a flurry of taking photographs and buying the necessary things to ease teething symptoms.

The Drooling, Gummy Baby

One of the early signs of baby teething is drool. Babies have little control over themselves at the earliest signs of baby teething that it may be difficult for them to control their drool. Another of the various signs of baby teething is the red or swollen gums. The baby is expected to want to gnash his or her guns together for maximum easing of the soreness in the gums. In comes the teething toy which helps to alleviate the sore and swollen gums. Teething toys that can retain coldness due to freezer exposure are great for a teething baby. The cold helps to relieve the pain and discomfort that the baby may be feeling.

Fever And Other Things

Many pediatrician will say that fever and loose bowels are not directly involved with teething. These are actually signs of baby teething because a baby may get a fever when he puts just about any dirty thing he can get his hands on. Nothing is spared from baby's mouth when he feels the urged to gnaw and gnash his gums. The bacteria and germs that are present in the things that get into baby's mouth are what may cause a fever or infection in the baby.

Slight diarrhea is also a possible sign of baby teething. The noteworthy drool can cause slightly loose bowels. Baby may also have ingested something that may not have agreed with him in his quest to stop the soreness or even to ease it. The signs of baby teething may not seem connected to the event itself but there are many explanations for this. If the baby is undergoing severe diarrhea, it may be best to bring him to the hospital to start reintroducing fluids into him.

These signs of baby teething are just a few of the more notable ones. Readiness for whatever the baby may doo or take in to the mouth is important. It is best to facilitate what the baby can touch in order to avoid accidents of something undesirable getting into his mouth.

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