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Teething is an issue that affects every child sooner or later. The issue can cause a frustrating situation as the symptoms of teething causes the baby to become cranky and cry when they are feeling the effects. Teething can be a painful and uncomfortable situation and is notoriously difficult to treat effectively. In order to reduce the symptoms of the situation, many people turn to a teething tablet to control the issue. It is important for children to get the best results from their teething tablet to stop the discomfort and physical symptoms teething causes.

Picking The Right Tablet

There are a wide range different types of teething tablet available for children that suffer from the symptoms of teething on a regular basis. Some of the tablets are intended for occasional teething symptoms while others are designed to prevent the symptoms of teething from appearing at all. There are even homeopathic teething tablets that are preferred by parents that choose to use homeopathic solutions. The strength of the teething tablet chosen should be strong enough to relieve the child's symptoms for a significant period of time, so a weaker teething tablet should be used for minor cases to preserve the effectiveness of the tablets.

For some children, one type of teething tablet will work better than another type of tablet because of the ingredients of the tablet and the symptoms that the child is experiencing. It is not uncommon for a parent to try several different teething tablets for their children before finding the tablets that will work the best for the child. Once a person has found a teething tablet that works for the child consistently, they should continue to use that tablet when one is needed because a different tablet may not be as effective.

Timing the Dose

An important part of getting the best results from a teething tablet is timing the dose so that it is effective when it is needed the most. Even tablets that are supposed to be effective for a long period of time should be timed so that the tablet is the strongest during the time when it is needed the most. Children that typically suffer from teething symptoms during the night should take the teething tablet about 30 minutes before going to sleep so that the tablet can reduce the symptoms while the child is sleeping.

When a child experiences teething symptoms in the middle of the night, taking a teething tablet just before going to bed will allow the tablet to work through the night, allowing the child to sleep comfortably. If the teething tablet is taken too early or is not strong enough, the parent will find the child waking in the early morning hours uncomfortable from the symptoms of teething.

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