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My Baby Woke Up With Red Cheeks And A Fever

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Can 6 Year Old Get A Fever From Teething


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As a parent for the first time having a screaming baby on your arm or around you is no fun at all, nobody said parenting was easy. You knew this baby fever teething thing was going to happen sometime in the near future, you just didn't want it when it arrived. And since you went to the clinic and found out that after all that screaming and terrible nappies you were simply told your baby had teething fever.

Teething fever; who knew a human of all things could get such a thing? How do you get it? It's a wee bit obvious that you get it from cutting teeth. All those nights when you were trying to get some shut eye and your infant had suffered with teething fever, you were getting ready to bounce off the walls or just run away on your own. And all those days when your baby was so listless, but still way too quiet for your own liking, they were suffering with teething fever all on their own.
What could you do? Sympathize with them, give them a bit of Teejel on their gums and a bit of Paracetamol is about all you could do. Make sure those nappies are also changed a lot more frequently as the baby would not want to drink as often as you think, therefore making them prone to rashes when passing urine or stools due to alkalinity.
Yes, there is not much you can do with teething fever for the cheeks that go all reddish as if they had a heat rash on it, and of course the excessive amounts of drool that need a hundred and one bibs changed during the course of the day. However, if you find that your infant doesn't want to consume any solid foods, you can give them warm jelly mixed on, they will love this, there is over enough glucose in there for them to still keep buzzing on, and they will feel full continuously until they are ready for some real solid food.
Time For Round Two
And when you thought that since all the teeth had finally grown out by about the age of two, you would be happy to know that this was only round one, round two of the teething fever begins when they start losing their milk teeth and getting their adult ones. Once again there is not much you can do for those young characters that may annoy you constantly about their loose teeth that they want you to pull out, but sympathize and give a lot of money for the tooth fairy and a decent dose of Paracetamol again.

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