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Can 6 Year Old Get A Fever From Teething


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If you have a baby, especially if they are nearing a few months of age, you are going to want to learn about teething and what the first signs of teething are that you are going to want to watch out for. This way you will know what to expect and when to expect it, so that when baby starts acting up you know why and can soothe them more than normal.

There are actually quite a few different signs of early teething that will let you know your baby is starting to get their first teeth.

How do You Know?

One of the most commonly experienced first signs of teething is irritation. Baby will start crying for no reason, which is going to be especially noticeable if they are usually a very quiet, happy baby. Often times when a mother has her first baby and they are going through teething, they feel very helpless because they do not know for the first while what is wrong and feel as though nothing they do helps to soothe baby.

You have to realize that no matter what you do, often it will not be enough to soothe your baby when they are teething because it is excruciating pain in their little mouths and if you don’t do just the right things, it will probably not be doing them any good.

Another of the first signs of teething is red gums. If you think that they may be teething or otherwise just happen to notice that their gums look different, you are going to want to check them out up close and see what they look like. If they are red and inflamed, chances are that your baby is teething.

Even if they are just a few months old it is possible that they are teething and so you should never think that your baby is too young to be teething.

Yet another of the first signs of teething is crying at night. If your baby usually goes to bed well but they are now fussing and refuse to go to bed right away when you put them own, these may be first signs of teething.

These are just a few of the different signs that you may notice in your baby when they begin teething, and fortunately there are a few things that you can do if this is the case, to ease baby’s pain.

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