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Baby With Red Face And Hot


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All parents love their bundle of joy more than anything in the world. The thing about babies is that they are very fragile and they have a lot to adapt to. That is why they have mothers and fathers to care for their every need. Although it is something that is inevitable parents wish they can prevent their babies from feeling pain. There are many things both parents and babies will have to encounter. Amongst those things are issues with growth and getting sick. This period starts when the baby is between five and six months old. One of the things your baby may experience is a fever while teething.

Fever while teething is common. Though there is a certain extent to when it is not normal anymore. The fever should only last as the baby is teething and it comes and goes. One crucial thing for a parent to have is a thermometer to be able to check the baby’s temperature at all times. When a baby has a fever you should always monitor it. That will let you know of the seriousness of the fever while teething. Many mothers will be worried at this time, specifically new mothers. Reading up and asking for advice is the best thing you can do before panicking.

There are many experts that argue that fever while teething is not caused by teething and that it could be something related to an ear infection. This also contradicts the saying of many other mothers who say that it is normal for a fever to occur and that it should not get higher than 101.5F witch is a statement that many will agree to. The fever while teething is said not to last more than a few days and it lasts as long as the tooth is coming out of the gums. The fever should not be critical but should I get worse you should take your baby to the doctor.

Which To Believe

As a parent it must be difficult deciding who you will listen to. There are medical professionals and experienced mothers that have two completely different views. The best thing you can do if you baby has a fever while teething is check it out and ask for the most valued opinions, specifically if the teething high fever is too high. Anything you do should always be for the baby and what is best for him or her, so what you do will make a difference.

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