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Causes Of Rosy Cheeks In Toddlers
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Baby With Red Face And Hot


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Many parents are well aware that babies will have their teeth sooner or later. There is actually no exact baby teething age that can be followed by parents. Baby teething age varies according to each individual child but there is an age bracket that parents can expect their child's first tooth.

Teething Schedule

The typical baby teething age for most infants is around four months old. This is an estimate that has been averaged from the usual months that a baby's tooth might first erupt. There are instances of course that the first tooth might come out as early as three months or as late as seven months. There is no need to worry or fear that this may be an abnormal occurrence for your baby, some babies may have their first tooth as far as a year old. Baby teething age is not an exact science.

What To Expect

When the baby teething age comes, it is not a sudden appearance of a tooth. Instead, parents see a lot of drool and chewing from their infant. The baby who has reached baby teething age may feel a soreness to his or her gums that the baby tries to relieve by chewing on something. A baby teething toy is something very useful for both the baby and the parent when the baby teething age is upon them.

Babies tend to gnaw on whatever is handy at the moment the soreness manifest itself. Their fingers, other people's fingers, crib's edges, random toys, milk bottle nipples and almost everything they can put in their mouths. Many babies are so frustrated by the soreness that they tend to be cranky and belligerent when the baby teething age comes. Some babies have fevers because they put anything they get their hands on into their mouths. The germs and bacteria in the random items cause the fever or infection, not the teething.

When the baby teething age comes, the infant's gums may seem red or swollen. The kind of toy given to the baby to relieve the soreness should not be sharp enough to pierce the gums. Many doctors also recommend a teething toy that can be iced or put into the freezer. The iciness relieves the achy feeling of the gums. The toy should not be permitted to harden into ice totally. Just the cold should be put into the baby's mouth not a piece of ice.

The baby teething age is met by trepidation by many parents since they expect their child t be difficult during this time. Not all babies react the same way to the baby teething age so parents can expect the worst but be met by just a lot of drooling.

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