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Baby With Red Face And Hot


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Physicians and parents argue all the time whether teething causes a fever. This is an on going argument that has gotten many people confused. Parents usually will take the advice of another parent because they have practical experience and have gone through the same things. Science has something different to say about the fact that teething causes fever. The doctors say that teething high fever does not exist. Their opinion is that the fever is caused by an ear infection or something else. This can also get parents even more concerned and thinking that their baby is not only teething but it is also going through something else.

The argument of teething high fever has gotten people worried because they do not know who they should listen to. The experience of many mothers all over the world say that a low-grade fever is normal and that it does not last more than a few days at a time. Many people have also said it is normal for these and other symptoms to occur. It a fever is very high or if it goes on longer than two days it is advised for you to see a doctor. Though if it is low and there are no other indications of any other sickness there is no need. Though as a parent if you are concerned you should go to the practitioner.

There is always a possibility for a baby to have some kind of ear infection so that possibility should not be over looked. Teething high fever may also occur so there is a possibility that it could be just that. Even though people believe that teething high fever is mostly common in infants toddler teething fever is a possibility as well. All children can experience this symptom. Some children are lucky enough not to be affected so seriously and they do not have to deal with a fever.

The Myth Or Truth

It will be hard for you to decide what is true and what is not. There is one thing to be remembered. There will be many contradicting things in the world. People will all have opinions of their own. If your baby does experience a teething high fever, it will not hurt to check by the doctor. We must all remember that everyone is different and all babies will be different as well. The best we can do is try to love them in a time of pain and try to ease the pain.

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