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Rosy Cheeks In Infants
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Baby With Red Face And Hot


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You had such a wonderful time being pregnant, you just had to go and finally have the baby. You thought the worst was over just trying to get that big bulge of you the last few weeks carrying into the summer months. Think again, there is no peace for the wicked here for the new mom. The first born always seems to be spoilt with attention the most, with gifts and brand new things, but that fairy tale soon comes to a grinding halt once you step out of the hospital.
First Heaven Now Hell
In the first two months you may have some relative peace in the home, but once the teeth begin to come through those gums, the nightmares begin. Welcome to infant teething fever problems from here on.  A baby fever teething is one of the evident things you may be able to detect to confirm any suspicions you may have of what could be the cause of the insistent crying and terrible nappies.

Their gums go white where the teeth want to come through. Your much so loved new baby seems to be driving you up the wall at this point. Don't worry too much, help is at hand. To soothe baby fever teething problems, a bit of Paracetamol would help and a bit of Teejel could do the trick for a few hours.

Yes, you would have a break from one tooth emerging to the next, but the time is short and hopefully sweet. The baby fever teething problems continue till every tooth is through the gums. So brace yourself for a whole lot of nappy washing, don't ask why this happens it just does. This is Mother Nature at its best pushing your patience at this time of your little one's life.
Stronger Urine
Since you and your baby fever teething issues may be far off from being finished until about the age of two, you still have to put some cream on those flushed cheeks that seem to go dry and the drool that makes their chin raw regularly, Zinc ointment is a good choice for this and for the raw bottoms. Lots of liquids are important since baby might not want solid foods, and also this lowers strength of the urine, since boy's urine is naturally stronger than girls. This just happens to be one problem that comes with any baby fever teething concoction.
Your baby fever teething problems only finish once all the teeth are through the gums, but they do have a second round to play havoc, around the tender age of five or so.

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