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Anxiety Sweating Can Have Embarrassing Repercussions
May 27th, 2017

Baby Sweating Usually Not Major Medical Problem

Just about everyone has experienced anxiety sweating, when they are a tough situation and the palms of their hands suddenly become clammy and wet. Typically, this results from a situation that sparks their nervous system into hyper drive and in situation where they believe they have little control. Unfortunately, they also have little control over the severity of their episodes of anxiety sweating and in some cases, especially on a first date with a new partner, can cause embarrassing results.

Some of the most common causes of anxiety sweating include being angry, nervous, scared or under stress but it is important to remember that anxiety sweating is a symptom of either a physical or emotional dilemma and not a disease or medical problem unto itself. Medications developed to stop sweating under certain situations are merely treating the symptom and not the underlying cause. They can also take up to two weeks to show any significant results and how that time is used can be important to the treatment.

People perceive different situations in different ways and something that causes profuse anxiety sweating in one person may have little or no affect on someone else. Typically, persons who tend to suffer cold sweats or hot sweats more frequently are more prone to suffer from heavy sweating when under duress.

Learning To Deal With Stress Can Dry The Palms

Once physical problems such as cancer, thyroid problems or heart disease has been ruled out as a cause for the sweating, people can begin to work on learning how to deal with stress in their life to help reduce episodes of anxiety sweating. No matter how well they learn to deal with their environment, there may still be encounters with sweaty palms and profuse underarm sweating, but over time the intensity of their anxiety sweating will diminish.

For most people sweating can be good thing as it helps cool the body when exposed to a hot environment as well as helping to remove toxins in the body through the sweat glands. However, having their clothing ruined by excessive anxiety sweating, as well as the embarrassment of showing through their clothes can be a problem. Learning to deal with daily stresses can help remove some of the anxiety from their lives.

The core temperature of the body fluctuates throughout the day and even during periods of anxiety sweating it is not likely to rise above what is considered a normal 98.6-degrees. However, when first experiencing anxiety sweating it may pay to take the temperature to eliminate other causes that could cause major health issues.