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Aids To Stop Snoring – What Works?
May 29th, 2017

Best Cure For Snoring – Pillar System

If you have a snoring problem but you would rather avoid surgery there are some aids designed to stop snoring that are available and have been successful in helping people reduce their snoring.

Continuous positive airway pressure appliances (CPAP) have been effective at reducing snoring with some people. With this device, you wear a mask while you sleep which is attached to a pump that produces pressure in the mask which helps to prevent your throat from partially collapsing. CPAC is frequently recommended by doctors for their snoring patients.

Adjustable Bed

Another useful aid to stop snoring is an adjustable bed. The Vancouver Sleep and Breathing Center has recommended that people with a snoring problem place their bed at an elevation of about thirty degrees which will reduce the amount of pressure that is affecting the diaphragm which will cause the airway passages to be sufficiently open. A properly elevated bed will place the head at the appropriate level to prevent the tongue from falling against the uvula which will effectively reduce snoring noises.

Dental Devices

Dental devices are popular items to reduce snoring and they basically come in three different categories. Tongue retaining devices as well as those that are designed with a flange to retain the tongue can make it difficult at times to swallow while sleeping. The Mandibular Advancement Appliance is an aid designed to stop snoring which is available at stores but some people prefer to use a custom made version produced by their dentist.

Another aid designed to stop snoring that you can try is a specially made snoring pillow. They are usually made from foam and are manufactured to persuade you to sleep on your side which will help to prevent snoring. Nasal value dilators have been used as aids to stop snoring and can be effective for people who snore due to clogged nasal airways. However, the nasal strip varieties occasionally fall off your nose while you sleep, while the plastic piece varieties, which are inserted into your nostrils, can be uncomfortable.

Some people with snoring problems due to blockages in the nasal airways prefer using snoring sprays which might provide relief on a temporary basis. Using nasal spays for the long term may harm your mucous membranes and they have been known to be addictive.

These are some of the numerous aids designed to stop snoring that are available and have been useful to some people who have an annoying snoring problem. If you have a serious snoring condition a sleep study may be appropriate in order to determine if you have serious condition such as sleep apnea.