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April 29th, 2017

Your Computer Has BHO - Browser Helper Object

Given the amount of trouble people are having with Spyware these days, it is no wonder they are scrambling to find a software program that will help remove it. Why should you pay for spyware? There are so many free programs on the Internet; it actually seems a bit crazy to pay for something you get free. This article is going to look at that very question. You have heard the phrase, "if it is too good to be true then it probably is." This applies to the area of spyware, as well.

You have your computer and it does something it is not supposed to do. You call your friend to complain that your computer is running too slow, or will not load a program. Your computer-savvy friend asks you if you have the latest spyware protection and they tell you that you probably have a virus or have been infected. You begin to look on the Internet - once it loads - and key in spyware. You now want to walk away because you are now bombarded with ads. It is very tempting to click on the first one that says, "Try me - free for thirty days" or the other one that says, "Download me and I will clean your system for free." Do not be so foolish. The items that say they are free give you only a portion of their product and every few minutes you get this blurb on your screen telling you they have detected something on your computer and the only way to get rid of it is to buy the entire spyware program now. If that were not bad enough, you may also get a warning that says your free trial is about to expire and you installed it less than thirty minutes ago. You will continue to get this annoying message until you do one of two things: buy it or remove it.

At this point, you may simply want to chuck your computer out the window and go purchase the newest, latest, greatest model. Obviously that is not practical nevertheless you need to do something to protect your computer from those vicious spies out to steel your information. When looking at either a free program or purchased one the bottom line is to find one that will protect areas of your computer that are unknown to you but that hackers are very familiar with. Here you will find a couple of programs that will give you some idea of what to look for in protecting your computer:

Enigma Software Group offers you the option of downloading their program free and they state that their software will scan and search your computer for spyware and provide a detailed report. Sounds good so far, right? They also state the removal tool will delete any spyware that has been found permanently. Sounds even better, right? So where is the catch? You download this, it will scan your machine, and it will provide a detailed report. The catch is that it will remove only a portion of what it finds and the rest remains on your computer until you purchase the entire product.

Panda software may not be widely known but you can be guaranteed that those "computer geeks" that work on your computer know about Panda and prefer it to any other programs out there. Why, they offer a free download, but unlike some other versions the entire software works on your computer for a specified amount of time. They also offer different packages so that you do not have to put out a great bundle of money just to protect your computer.

The bottom line is that you have to take a good hard look at your computer and the protection you want. You need to do your research and really look at what software programs have to offer. If all else fails you can always download the program and if you do not like it or it is not what you expected you can use your add/remove program tools to take it off your computer. The best source of information for protecting your computer comes from talking to others adds that to the research you are doing and you will find the exact match for your needs