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April 29th, 2017

Winning the War at Home Buying a Sports Car

Automobile ownership is not a marriage. There is no commitment lasting through eternity and no requirement to maintain allegiance or loyalty.

You may have loved your sports car or you may have despised it shortly after driving it home the first time. Likely, your experience lies somewhere in between.

But regardless of the nature of your relationship with your car, there are some good reasons to consider selling it. Sports cars are commodities like any other and certain justifications for selling them can be difficult to resist. There are undoubtedly poor reasons to sell a car, but there are at least five good reasons to consider a sale.


Assuming you have at least some capitalist bent to your personality, the allure of a hefty profit can be hard to resist. In many cases, it would be foolhardy to resist. Many sports cars, especially older classics, defy the standard rules of automobile depreciation. Sports cars can actually become significantly more valuable with the passage of time.

If the car you purchased a few years ago has increased tremendously in value, it may be time to sell it. Of course, timing is everything. If you don't need the increased cash flow or can wait longer until the car further gains in price one may not want to sell for an immediate profit. Based on one's financial circumstances, however, the sale of a sports car for a significant profit can be a perfectly logical rationale for selling a car.

Sports cars are, in the end, investments. Unlike many investments the dividends they pay may not always be monetary. In fact, they are usually intangibles such as enjoyment and excitement. However, occasionally there is a window of opportunity at which one can cash out of their investment for a healthy real dollar profit, as well.

Changing Circumstances

As a single younger person a sports car purchase was, if not reasonable, at least defensible. The passage of time, however, may have brought with it new obligations, family members and considerations. A significant change in one's lifestyle can be a perfectly legitimate reason to sell a sports car.

If one relies on the car for everyday transportation needs and also needs increased space due to a growing family, for instance, a sports car may not be a good fit. If one has long loved their convertible Porsche but find himself relocating to a cold weather environ, maintaining a ragtop may seem completely ludicrous.

Life is dynamic and ever changing. Along with changing circumstances, changing transportation needs can arise, making the sale of a sports car a logical maneuver.

An Upgrade

True sports car enthusiasts may love their vehicle, but don't think that love is unconditional. If an opportunity to sell a sports car in order to facilitate the purchase of a superior model presents itself, even the most dedicated fan of his car will find it hard to resist logging a sale.

Upgrading from one sports car to superior alternative can be a fabulous justification for selling your sports car. This would, of course, include the idea of trading in one car toward the purchase of another.

Some might look down at the profiteers who sold their dream cars for cash or at those who decided it was time to leave their past behind after a baby. No car enthusiast, however, will begrudge another sports car owner for making a sale in order to move into a better, more enjoyable car.

You are not married to your sports car. There may come a time when it is perfectly sensible and probably desirable to part ways with your sports car. Three such times include the opportunity to reap a financial windfall, the need to adjust to changing personal needs, and the chance to purchase an even better car. Any of these three circumstances can serve as perfect justifications for selling a sports car