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March 30th, 2017

What's So Super About Super Bowl Sunday

Basketball fever takes hold in March, especially in the Midwest area of the country. People that normally do not watch college basketball will be tuned in to the NCAA tournaments. Teams work hard to reach the NCAA or it’s sister competition the NIT tournament. If you are a fan of a team that is a constant winner, the NCAA tournament is something that is taken for granted. For some smaller college teams, an invitation to the NCAA tournament and March Madness signals a break into the big time. Taking part of the NCAA tournament improves recruiting and brings in more alumni funding to a college with a participating team.

College basketball teams begin playing in November with preseason tournaments and non-conference play. Many times, a team will be ranked in the standings because of how they did during preseason and tournament play. A small school that has the opportunity to play a big name school such as Duke gains a lot of prestigious if they beat their opponent or give them a good run for their money.

March Madness takes over at the end of the season and after the title games are played. An invitation is issued to the best college teams and away they go. Stadiums fill with fans wearing their team colors and make a huge impact on the morale of the team. Michigan State has the Izzoites, and University of Illinois have the Orange Krush. These support groups are enormously popular and do many other acts of kindnesses for their school and their communities. One favorite game day at Illinois is “Paint the hall Orange.” You can imagine what a boost this can give the players and coaches of the team.

Teams wait for their name to be called in the draw for the NCAA tournament. They wait expectantly for whom they are paired against and what region of the company they will be playing. A good draw is when a college team can play in a city their fans are able to get to easily. Fan support is like the sixth player on the team.

Many fans do not follow college basketball until March Madness begins. Cities hosting the tournaments expect an increase in fan revenue and visitors during the tournament. Businesses benefit if they have multiple televisions and cater to the March Madness Crowd. Sports bars are full and people gather in homes or other public places to watch the games. The finals are the most widely watched college basketball games in the season.

By the end of March, it seems like even the most casual basketball fans are embroiled in the madness. Many fans feel it is more down-to-earth than pro ball and are played with much more passion. These tournament games can dictate whether a college player will be chosen in the NBA draft, a dream of many college athletes. Fans buy tickets to the following NCAA tournaments as soon as this year’s tournaments are finished. It is a speculation on their part, but with the Internet, if you bought a ticket and do not want to use it, you can always sell them on eBay or another on-line auction!

Super Bowl is over and the winner is now part of history, so now it is time to focus on conference college basketball games that will lead to the NCAA tournaments. Teams work on having a good win-loss record and a positive attitude while they approach the end of the season. Many teams find themselves on the “bubble” meaning that a loss or a win can make the difference in whether they reach the biggest college basketball tournament in the United States!