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March 27th, 2017

Strategizing - How to be a Public Speaking Star Self Help

The points you want to remember while learning how to be a public speaking star, is the basics of human nature. Some of the human natures you want to keep in mind while journeying off to becoming a public speaking star, is courageous, self-direct, spontaneous, relaxation, intuitive, creativity, willingness to accept discomfort, acceptance, willingness to laugh, and so forth.

Courageous natured people are likely to get ahead, since these people will master their own fears. A courageous person will also realize that some fears are natural and that it's ok. The courageous person will take on his task willingly while feeling the anxiousness as he moves along. Thus, the fear is not put to the side, increased by negative thoughts; rather it is embraced like a friend.

A self-directing person will take on a task with motivation of knowing that the ability he has is inside him. Thus, this person will accept mistakes, rewards, consequences and the like with pride.

A spontaneous person is sometimes looked down upon, especially since people don't realize that these people accept life as it comes their way. The person will respond logically and thoughtfully as situations arise that brings him surprise, or unexpected events.

A person capable of relaxing will realize that doing your best in life doesn't always prove fruitful. Thus, this person is willing to move forward as he stumbles and falls along the path.

An intuitive person is one of the wiser people on the market. An intuitive person has become in touch with their senses and will go beyond the chambers of logic to see on the other side. While writing your speech using your intuitive side could benefit you in more ways than one. Use it!

Creativity is the lightness and darkness of the world. Creativity is shown in art, words, music, acting, speech giving and so forth. Thus, if you are on the trivia thinking dull breaking side of town gear up your engines and use your creative parent side to write a ground-breaking speech. A creative person will take one single word and run on down the road with it by gathering pieces of information from many areas and pulling it together to create a meaning. Instead of considering parts of the speech, look at the whole speech in full light.

Willingness to accept discomfort falls along the lines of self-directing. Thus, a person showing the willingness to accept his own discomfort will move ahead smoothly. A person will experience discomfort while giving a speech. This is nature. The trick is turning that nervousness into positive energy by accepting that you are human, and accepting your discomfort.

Acceptance is one of the biggest problems people have in this world. Acceptance is accepting the things you cannot change and doing something about the things you can change. Parts of this statement is utilized in AA and NA Meetings, however the statement is used around the world to drive a point home. Actually, I've tried this and adhere to living one single day at a time and found success. I'm a workaholic so the AA and NA rules apply.

Willingness to laugh - This is a deep subject for me. I am a humor-packed writer and word slinger, yet not everyone can see my humor. I can laugh at what I say or think anytime of the day. This is the point driven here, yet realizes that even the bad things that come our way have a sense of humor. This kept me alive and I hope that it will land you in the stardom of public speaking