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What You Need To Know About Solar Power
May 25th, 2017

Active solar heating Can Either Is Liquid Or Air-Based Systems

Going green is not only fashionable these days; itís becoming increasing necessary with every doom-filled scientific report about the future of this planet. And we are the cause of this problem by using energy sources that harm the environment. Since the Earth is our only home, it is a matter of pure survival to learn all about solar energy.

Solar power is nothing new. Long before there was Thomas Edison, there was the Sun to dry clothes, grow crops and light the path. But is solar power feasible and practical in this modern world of cars, skyscrapers and Blackberries? Of course it is Ė if we insist on improving all about solar power engineering. There is a lot of conflicting information about solar power out there.

Solar Power Facts

At the time of this writing, only about one percent of the potential power of the sun is being used for solar energy. Thatís sure to grow as time moves on, and demand increases funding for engineers to learn all about solar power. Check with the American Solar Energy Society for all the latest news about solar power.

Unfortunately, itís a little complicated getting sunlight from the sun into your battery charger. Sunlight needs to power a battery, or cell, that converts the sunlight into usable energy. Sometimes this requires a little of another kind of energy, like electricity or hydrogen power, to make the process work better.

Currently, we do have solar cells working small devices like calculators, watches and water purifiers. Energy for bigger projects, like powering up a house, requires solar panels. These solar panels are made of silicon (a neutrally charged element), which can store energy, and other materials that encourage positive and negative charges. Both positive and negative charges are needed for power to flow through your houseís wires. Silicon is like an eight seat taxi, with four seats already filled. The problem with solar panels today is that you need huge panels to convert a small amount of energy.

The challenge now is, obviously, to create smaller, faster and more efficient solar panels. Seem impossible? Laptop computers seemed impossible at one time. The first computers took up entire office buildings. Over the years, computers have gotten smaller and faster, with the help of silicon. In 2007, East Amwell, New Jersey resident Mike Strizki converted his 3500 foot home entirely to solar and hydrogen power. He shows that hope for the future is about solar power.