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The Right Acne Skin Care For Young Adults
March 28th, 2017

Clear Up Your Misconceptions And Learn The Proper Acne Treatment Skin Care Methods

Acne is a skin problem that usually occurs during the teenage years for most people. Some people however, experience acne well after their twenties. Acne is primarily caused by the hormonal changes brought about by the onset of puberty. The right acne skin care needs to be introduced to those who suffer from it to prevent unsightly marks from the eruptions. Some people experience acne on their faces while in others it can spread to both the chest and the back.

The other factors that can result in acne are a diet rich in fatty and oily foods and improper hygiene. Fatty or oily foods contribute to the sebum that can cause blockage in most cases of acne. Improper hygiene also promotes less removal of the blockages found in acne prone areas. Individuals need to know the basics of acne skin care in order to minimize the occurrence. Some races are also more prone to acne than others while others do not need any acne skin care treatments at all.

Medication as Acne Skin Care

There are both medication and herbal treatments for acne but so far some of the natural treatments have proven to be only temporary remedies while others do not work for most people. The most effective acne skin care products are found to be those that are chemically based.

Topical bactericidal are among the major acne skin care treatments that work and these usually contain benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide can help to dissolve the keratin that plugs the pores of our skin. It also helps to eliminate the bacterium that has been associated to the rise of acne and prevent new lesions from forming. The downside to this medication is that it can cause dryness in the skin and, if it is too strongly formulated, may cause irritation.

Oral antibiotics can also be effective as an acne skin care treatment. It is not as effective as benzoyl peroxide but it can help to decrease the levels of the bacteria that can help spread acne. It does not however lessen the effects of too much sebum and lack of good hygiene. Hormonal treatment can help females suffering from acne since the onset of puberty is one of the causes of acne.

Topical and oral retinoids can also help as acne skin care treatment. Oral retinoids can effectively eliminate and stop acne from occurring in most individuals but may work for a much longer time before the effects become clear. Retinoids do have the disturbing side effect of making the acne peak and increase but after a while these calm down and go away.

These acne skin care treatments are really effective for some people. Others prefer the natural or herbal acne skin care treatment or remedies. It all actually depends on how your skin reacts to the treatment.